Subscription for the Enterprise Edition

The Check_MK Enterprise Edition (CEE) and Managed Services Edition (MSE) can be be purchased via an annual subscription. This can be complemented with enterprise-grade support and professional services. Using the workflow on this page, you can get an obligation-free quotation from us or directly purchase the subscription online.

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Check_MK subscription options

A subscription gives you access to the Check_MK Enterprise Edition (CEE) and Managed Services Edition (MSE) in our Download area. A subscription is also a prerequisite for purchasing support and professional services. Prices are net prices excl. VAT, are per year, and are based on the number of monitored services.[1]

Number of monitored services:

Over 100,000 services on request

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Base Price

Provides the right to download the CEE and use it up to the number of licensed services.[2]
Check_MK is extremely scaleable. Please contact us, if you want to monitor more than 100k services or if you want to acquire a subscription for several legal entities or an entire corporation.

Virtual Appliance

Provides the right to download the virtual appliance Check_MK virt1, which offers a complete operating system with all required components and can be deployed e.g. on a VMWare ESX.

Managed Services Edition

Provides the right to monitor your own customers with your subscription. The tenants are only allowed to have reading rights and download reports from Check_MK. The total number of monitored services must not exceed your subscription.


Check_MK support options

Enterprise-grade support:

Enterprise support can be delivered through us, the developers of Check_MK, as well as through our qualified local partners. Different support options are available.

Type of support

‚Vendor support‘: provides the right to have a support contract directly with us. The actual support is not included in this pricing but is either billed on demand (Credits) or is covered via the Break/Fix Support option.
‚Support via partner‘: Alternatively we will hand over your request to one of our capable local partners.

Break/Fix Support

For an annual flat fee we support you in resolving bugs and problems in stable CEE or MSE versions, up to three years after the first stable release of the respective version was released. Under this option, bugs and problems are resolved without additional cost to you.

Response time

Guarantees 1st-level support response times of 24 or 8 hours respectively during normal German working hours (Mon-Fri). Please contact us if you require 24/7 support.

Ticketing support

Support and services that are not covered by a potential Break/Fix option are billed in form of ‚Credits‘. One Credit is equivalent to one quarter of an hour of work. You can either buy credits in advance (‚prepaid‘) or you are billed later on base of the actually used credits (‚on demand‘). Credits are valid for 12 months after purchase.

Payment model

‚Prepaid‘: Purchase credit packages in advance. Provides budget stability. Is targeted at support questions. May be used for customer-specific feature developments – this usage, however, cannot not be guaranteed[3]
‚On demand‘: Support is billed based on actual usage. Cost only incur with support requests. Quarterly billing.

(44 € per credit)

The price per credit for ‚on demand‘ billing is set to equal the price for the smallest prepaid credit package

Number of credits

Prepaid credits are available in packages of different sizes whose price per credit falls with higher volume. The smallest package comprises 16 credits, the largest comprises 500.

(42 € per credit)
Cost for ticket support

Based on the number of credits to be purchased, multiplied with the applicable pricing scale per credit.

+ 672 €
Subtotal0 €

You will receive a custom-made quote for licence and support by our partner.

Total amount

Sie erhalten von unserem Partner ein maßgeschneidertes Angebot zur Lizenz und zum Support

0 €


Please send us any questions via email to or give us a call: +49 89 9982 097-00.


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[1] For customers outside of Germany the corresponding international tax regulations apply.
[2] How to estimate the number of services to be monitored can be found in our FAQ. If you are already a user of the Enterprise Edition, you can find the number of currently used services in the Tactical Overview in the left corner of the Check_MK GUI. You have to be logged in as an Admin or Guest User to get the right number. If you have several installations or are using a distributed monitoring set-up, you need to sum up the services of the individual installations.
[3] The decision to take on customer-specific development requests depends on the current workload of the development team and the strategic development priorities.
[4] General terms and conditions | EULA (Check_MK Enterprise License)