Scalable server monitoring for all environments

Servers are the backbone of the modern world and of your business. Make sure to always keep your business running by constantly monitoring your server infrastructure to minimize downtime and to ensure peak performance.

Monitor any kind of server

Servers come in all types, therefore you need a monitoring tool which can help you to monitor all of your servers. Check_MK provides this flexibility with its large collection of more than 1,500 plug-ins.

Get early alerts on your mail servers by using one of our POP3, IMAP or SMTP checks. Or dive deeper into your mail application like MS Exchange, qmail, postfix & more.

Ensure minimal downtime for your web servers by getting alerts from our active HTTP, FTP and SSL checks, and monitor the performance of your Apache and nginx web servers in detail.

Monitor the performance of your database servers and guarantee highest availability of your MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, SAP HANA, Oracle, MongoDB and IBM DB2 databases

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MySQL database server monitoring using Check_MK's Business Intelligence

Linux server monitoring

Get broad visbility into your Linux servers' health and performance – no matter which distribution you use. We support the monitoring of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE, SLES and other derivatives, as well as Debian, Ubuntu, and all other DEB-based distributions. Our native agent monitors all important services and hardware, providing you with the information you really need. Augment the agent with a wide set of off-the-shelf plug-ins to monitor applications running on your servers.

Benefits of our Linux server monitoring:

  • minimalistic footprint, since the agent requires little CPU, RAM and hard drive space
  • full transparency, because only a shell script is executed in which you can see all commands
  • complete security, since the agent permits no access from the network whatsoever

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Standard services for Linux server monitoring

Windows server monitoring

Monitor your Windows servers and get insights into Windows services and processes, network interfaces, filesystems, CPU and memory usage. Benefit from an integrated log monitoring and monitoring of key applications for Windows servers like Exchange, Active Directory, MSSQL and Skype.
Check_MK even supports the monitoring of almost ancient systems like Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, and of course the latest Windows OS as well.
And this all with a simple executable file without dependencies on DLLs while providing security — no malicious code can be injected as the Windows agent doesn't read data from the network.

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Graph with CPU utilization from a Windows server monitoring

Virtual server monitoring

Monitor resource utilization across datacenters, clusters, ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines. Check_MK supports the monitoring of all major virtualization platforms like VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and associated virtual machines in real-time.
Virtual server monitoring is already integrated in Check_MK, so that your virtual machines can be monitored with almost no additional set-up.

Check_MK itself can also be run on a virtual server infrastructure with the virtual appliance.

Services of VMware ESXi


Great reasons to choose Check_MK for monitoring your servers

All operating systems

Check_MK supports almost every operating system: not only Linux, Windows and macOS, but also many specialized OS and most BSD-based OS

No limits

No matter how distributed and big your IT infrastructure is, Check_MK can monitor it. One Check_MK instance can monitor up to thousands of servers. And you can easily scale horizontally with our distributed monitoring set-up

Get started quickly

Monitoring with Check_MK is quick and not complicated. Just install the agent on your servers and Check_MK starts intelligently monitoring all key metrics without any configuration

Check_MK Features

Monitor your applications, servers and networks with our comprehensive solution for IT monitoring. Check_MK features state-based and event-based monitoring, log monitoring, event and alert handling, interactive dashboards and graphs and much more.