Monitoring tool functionality

Check_MK is a comprehensive Solution for IT Monitoring of applications, servers, and networks.
Check_MK is available as a Raw Edition, which is 100% open-source, and as an Enterprise Edition with a newly developed, high performance core, many additional enterprise features and professional support.

Check_MK monitors a wide range of infrastructure and applications

Server Monitoring

Windows Server • Linux & Unix: RHEL, CentOS, AIX, Debian, Ubuntu, SOLARIS, OPEN BSD, FreeBSD, HPUX • Mac OS X • Virtual Machines (ESX) • Logs

Application Monitoring

Docker • Java (Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss, etc.) • Citrix • Stormshield • Kaspersky • McAfee • Lotus Domino • IBM Websphere • MS Exchange • and much more

Network Monitoring

Alcatel • Arbor • Avaya • Bluecat • Brocade • Checkpoint • Cisco • Dell • Enterasys • Extreme Networks • F5 Networks • Fireeye • Fortinet • HP • Huawei • IBM • Intel • Juniper

Storage Monitoring

Dell • EMC • Fujitsu • HP • Hitachi • IBM • NetApp • Oracle

Database Monitoring

MySQL • Oracle • PostgreSQL • IBM DB2 • Micsosoft SQL Server • MongoDB

Environment monitoring

APC • Bachmann • ELTEK • Emerson • Gude • Kentix • Raritan • Rittal • Socomec • Wagner

For more information, see our plug-ins overview or dive into a list of all our 1500 plug-ins

Check_MK features

State-based and event-based monitoring

State-based and event-based monitoring
  • State-based monitoring via the Check_MK Microcore (CMC)
  • Event-based monitoring via the Check_MK Event Console
  • 1,500 included plugins for all kinds of hard- and software in your enterprise
  • Agentless monitoring via HTTP, SNMP, and other APIs

Log monitoring and event handling

Log monitoring and event handling
  • Log monitoring for the analysis of error messages via SNMP-traps, syslog and other arbitrary log files
  • Event actions can trigger scripts or generate notifications


  • Visual and mathematical analysis of time-series metrics over long time horizons
  • Leveraging of wide range sources and formats for metrics (JSON, XML, SNMP data etc.)
  • Interactive, graphic maps and diagrams with live-monitoring data


  • Browser-based interface for visualization and operations
  • Dashboards that are GUI-customizable by the user
  • Views can be exported to customizable PDF-reports, both ad-hoc as well as automated and at regular intervals

Management reporting

Management reporting
  • Calculation of complex SLA and availability analyses from metrics data over any desirable timeframe
  • Mapping of dependencies and the overall states of applications (Business Intelligence)

Hardware and software inventory

Hardware and software inventory
  • Inventory of all hard- and software installed on devices in the Check_MK inventory
  • Interface to standard off-the-shelf Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) (e.g. i-doit interface from Sep. 2018)

Alert handling and automated actions

Alert handling and automated actions
  • Notifications via email, sms, and 3rd party tools, such as Slack
  • Comprehensive, rule-based notifications to fulfill complex requirements regarding time periods, service levels and similar
  • Users can configure additional alerts or suppress alerts
  • Centralized alert handling also in distributed environments
  • Automated triggering of actions as reaction to a detected problem (alert handler)

Easiest configuration, best scaleability and performance

Easiest configuration, best scaleability and performance
  • Unique system to automatically detect and configure the to be monitored endpoints/services
  • Modern rule-based configuration, which remains intuitive even in complex environments
  • Central and decentral monitoring and configuration
  • Configuration is 100% web-based, no editing in config files is necessary (though possible)
  • Automatic configuration by other applications (CMDB, etc.) via HTTP-API
  • Secure & highly efficient monitoring agents with minimal CPU-, RAM-, storage-utilization
  • One single monitoring server able to monitor thousands of devices
  • Scaleable across hundreds of sites and millions of monitored devices

Nagios alternative – Nagios compatibility for easy migration

Nagios alternative – Nagios compatibility for easy migration
  • Can use Nagios as monitoring core (or use Check_MK’s own high performance micro core - CMC)
  • Check_MK Microcore supports existing Nagios checks
  • BUT: no need to live with any of the Nagios deficiencies – the Check_MK Enterprise Edition works 100% stand-alone