Administrating Check_MK versions

Check_MK Manual
Last updated: December 17 2018

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It is possible to install several Check_MK versions on the device at the same time. This allows several instances to be run in different versions and individual instances to be changed to newer or older versions independently of one another. Meaning you can install a new version for example, and try it out in a test instance initially in order to then update your productive instance if testing is successful.

To administrate the Check_MK versions, select the item Check_MK versions in the main menu of the web interface.

The dialogue box that then appears will list all Check_MK versions installed. If a version is not being used by any instance and is not the last installed version, you have the option to delete it from the appliance.

Using this dialogue box, you can also upload new Check_MK versions onto the device in order to use them in new instances or to update existing instances.

To do this, download the desired Check_MK version from our website onto your computer (search for Check_MK appliance in the Distribution column). Then select the file from your hard drive using the file selection dialogue and confirm your selection by clicking on Upload & install.

The Check_MK version will now be uploaded onto the device. Depending on the network connection between your computer and the ESX server, this may take a few minutes. Once uploading is complete, you will see the new version in the table of installed versions.