Setting up with VirtualBox

Check_MK Manual
Last updated: December 17 2018

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The software VirtualBox is a widely used virtualisation solution for desktop PCs. It is well-suited for tests and experiments.

This chapter describes how to import the virtual appliance Check_MK virt1 with the current version 4.3.6 of VirtualBox. This guide assumes that you have already installed and launched VirtualBox on your computer.

First, download Check_MK virt1 from our website onto your computer . Check_MK virt1 will be offered for download as an OVA file (Open Virtual Appliance). You can open this file directly in your VirtualBox.

To do this, first select the File menu on the VirtualBox interface and then the menu item Import appliance….

The dialogue box for importing appliances will then open. Now click on the folder symbol.

Select the downloaded OVA file of the Check_MK appliance from your hard drive and confirm the dialogue box by clicking on Open.

Back in the previous dialogue box, confirm your selection again by clicking on Next >.

The dialogue box that follows will display detailed information on the appliance. In this box you can view and also change the default settings, e.g. amount of memory or number of CPUs. The appliance is preconfigured with a memory of 4096 MB and 2 CPU cores. If you wish to change these values, click on the current value and change it.

It is recommended to place the tick by Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards so that there are no conflicts when Check_MK virt1 appliances are used more than once.

Once all settings have been made, start the importing process by clicking on Import. A dialogue box will open showing the progress of importing.

Once importing is complete, you will find a new item Check_MK virt1 in the left-hand list of the main VirtualBox window. Select this item and press Start in the action bar at the top in order to launch Check_MK virt1.

Once you have done this, a window showing the Check_MK virt1 screen output will open. You have now completed the VirtualBox specific steps and can continue with the [basic_configuration] of your appliance.