Hardware of Check_MK rail2

Check_MK Manual
Last updated: December 17 2018

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1. Connectors

The following images show the Check_MK rail2 connectors.

For the initial configuration, you must provide the following connectors as a minimum:

  • Monitor-to-VGA connector
  • USB-keyboard
  • Network connection (connector: LAN1)
  • Power supply

Once you have completed the initial configuration, all that is needed for regular operation is the network connection and the power supply.

2. Switching the appliance on and off

As soon as the power is connected to Check_MK rail2, the device will automatically switch on and start.

As far as possible, do not disconnect the appliance from the power supply without shutting down the system first. If you do this you will risk losing data. You can find out how to shut down the system in the chapter Control.

3. Information on the SD card

Your specific appliance settings are saved to the SD card as well as your monitoring configuration and the monitoring runtime data. The appliance cannot be operated without an SD card.

The SD card must not be removed while the appliance is running, as this may cause data loss.

4. SD card requirements

The SD card must provide at least 4 gigabytes of storage. So that the appliance can reach its specified performance, the SD card must support a write speed of at least 45 MB per second.

Many consumer SD cards are not suitable for permanent operation. We therefore recommend special industry-compatible cards. You will find more about these on our website.