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Check_MK Manual
Last updated: December 17 2018

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1. Connectors

The following images show the Check_MK rack1 connectors.

For the initial configuration, you must provide the following connectors as a minimum:

  • Monitor-to-VGA connector
  • USB-keyboard
  • Network connection (connector: LAN1)
  • Power supply (two connectors)

Once you have completed the initial configuration, all that is needed for regular operation is the network connection and the power supply.

2. Switching the appliance on and off

As soon as the power is connected to Check_MK rack1, the device can be switched on. If you connect the device to the mains using just one cable and switch it on, the device will produce a warning sound until you attach the second cable.

Check_MK rack1 has a redundant power supply unit. If both power supply units are working and are attached to the mains (green LED on PSU illuminated), you can remove or exchange a PSU during operation or disconnect it from the mains without the device switching off.

If the power supply cuts out while the device is in operation and is then restored, the device will automatically switch back on.

As far as possible, do not disconnect the appliance from the power supply without shutting down the system first. If you do this you will risk losing data. You can find out how to shut down the system in the chapter Control.

3. Information on the hard drives

Check_MK rack1 is delivered with two hard drives with a storage of 500 gigabytes each. Your specific appliance settings are saved to the hard drives as well as your monitoring configuration and the monitoring runtime data. These hard drives are operated in a RAID1 (mirror) meaning your data will still be available in the event of one hard drive failing.

The hard drives are mounted in caddies enabling you to exchange them during operation. When doing so, consider the information on RAID administration.

4. Hard drive requirements

The hard drives must have at least 30 gigabytes of storage. So that the appliance can reach its specified performance, the hard drive must support a write speed of at least 6.0 Gb per second (SATA III).

Many consumer hard drives are not suitable for permanent operation. We therefore recommend using specially designed hard drives.

5. Mounting instructions for 19” cabinet

5.1. Safety precautions

  • Be sure to place Check_MK rack1 in its 19” cabinet in such a way that the device cannot get too hot.
  • When installing the device, make sure that it can be well ventilated i.e. there is a constant flow of air.
  • Make sure that the electric circuit to which Check_MK rack1 is connected is not overloaded.
  • Ensure that the device is properly earthed.

5.2. Required parts

You will have been supplied all necessary parts along with your Check_MK rack1.

Assembly rail set - contents:

  • One pair of assembly rails
  • One screw set

Screw set - contents:

  • 12x raised head Phillips screw M4 x 4mm (2 in reserve)
  • 5x countersunk Phillips screw M5 x 10mm (1 in reserve)
  • 5x deep-drawn washer M5 (1 in reserve)
  • 3x raised head Phillips screw M5 x 16mm (1 in reserve)
  • 3x plastic washer M5 (1 in reserve)

5.3. Attachment to Check_MK rack1

Push the green lever in the centre of the narrow rail back to detach it from the rest of the rail.

Use four of the Phillips M4 x 4mm screws to attach each of the narrow rails onto Check_MK rack1.

5.4. Attachment of rails in the 19” cabinet

The rails have a quick-mounting mechanism.

First, latch the rail onto the front of the cabinet. Then extend the rail to the back of the cabinet, where the hooks are to be latched into the holes provided.

When mounting, make sure that you attach each of the rails on their correct side of the cabinet, and with the hooks pointing downward so that they latch into the holes provided.

Fix the rails to the back of the cabinet using one Phillips M5 x 10mm screw and one M5 washer per rail.

5.5. Mounting Check_MK rack1

Once you have attached the narrow rails on the left and right side of Check_MK rack1 and the broad rails on the left and right side of the 19” cabinet, you can now mount the housing.

First, completely extend the telescopic arms of both rails in the cabinet.

Now push the narrow rails into the rails inside the cabinet and keep going until both sides have latched into place.

Now pull the green slide on the left and right-hand side towards you and push Check_MK rack1 completely into the cabinet.

5.6. Fixing the housing

Now fix Check_MK rack1 on the left and right-hand side of the housing using one Phillips M5 x 16mm screw and one M5 wearing part for each side.