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SNMP Management Board: Used space in filesystems

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the usage of filesystems using SNMP and the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, which is supported by many SNMP agents - especially those on full operating systems.

For configuration parameters and examples please refer to the man page of df.

Please note, that due to the fact that Linux usually reserves 5% of the filesystem for root, the amount of used space output by this check and the native df check of Linux differs by up to 5%. The df check accounts the reserved space as used, as this is a safer assumption. Whereas the SNMP agent accounts it as free. There is no way to get the information about the reserved space via SNMP, so there is no way to fix this, unfortunately.


The description of the filesystem as in hrStorageDescr. For Linux SNMP agents this is the mount point.


For each fixed disk one service is generated - if the description of the filesystem in not listed in inventory_df_exclude_mountpoints.