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EMC VNX Storage: Hardware Status

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: EMC

Reports the status of Power Supplies, SPS, SPS Cabeling, LCC, SP, CPU Modules, SP I/O Modules, DIMM Modules and the Overall Status of an Enclosure on EMC VNX storage systems.

Returns OK if the agent reports "Present" or "Valid" status and CRIT on every other status.

The information is retriefed by the special agent agent_emcvnx which uses EMC's command line tool naviseccli.


The name of the name of the sensor as returned by the special agent prefixed with Bus ID and Enclosure ID

E. g.

0/0 CPU Module A


0/0 SP B I/O Module 0


Automatically configures one check for every hardware status entry listed in the agent output and not having status "Empty" (Entries having "Empty" status when running inventory are considered to be intentionally empty.)