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EMC VPLEX Director Throughput

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check measures the throughput of the VPLEX Directors. You can either have a single check for every single director or a summary check (which is the default) summing up the throughput of all directors.

The check also gives info on the IO latency and IOPS aquired.

You can apply separate warning and critical levels for the read and write throughput. Optionally you can have the check compute average values on a configurable time period and have the levels applied on the average instead of the current values. This makes it possible to ignore short "peaks" and only trigger and longer phases of high disk activity.

Averaging is not applied to IO latency calculations.

Note: It seems that the relevant SNMP data of the EMC VPLEX System is only updated every 90 seconds. You should set the monitoring interval to 120 seconds, otherwise there will be errors in the calucation of the rates for read/write throughput and ios.


Either "SUMMARY" for a summarized check of all disks or the name of the disk device, e.g. "director-1-1-A".


The inventory is configured via the diskstat_inventory rule. If this is set to ["summary"] (the default), then one check will be created for all directors. If it is set to ["physical"] then one check will be created per director. You can also set ["summary", "physical"] to create both variants.