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Dell PowerConnect Switches: FAN sensors

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the various FAN sensors on a Dell PowerConnect switch that supports the DELL-VENDOR-MIB. It will monitor the state of the FAN itself, depending on the state returned by the FAN.

If a switch has more then one FAN sensor, it will create a service for EACH sensor. However, if a switch has any FANS that are not connected up to the sensor suite, or there is an empty FAN bay, they will not be picked up by this check.

A FAN that is running normally will return an OK nagios state. Any FAN that are in a warning or is not present (if it was previously present) will return a WARNING nagios state. If a FAN is in a critical or is non-functional according to the sensor will return a CRITICAL nagios state. Lastly, if a FAN is in a "shutdown" state, it will return an UNKNOWN nagios state.

Currently, testing has been completed with the Dell PowerConnect 5448 and 5424 models, however the service check may work with other models.


During the inventory phase of check_mk, it will create one or more service Sensor fanX_unitX entries, as long as the MIB defined above is supported on the switch.