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Brocade FibreChannel Switches: SFPs

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the power level in dBm of brocade SFPs, as well as current and voltage.


The item is the port-number as two-digit or three-digit string (on switches with 100 or more ports) as printed on the switch (note: the SNMP-index of port 00 is 1!). For ISL ports (inter-switch-links), an ISL is appended to the item, e.g. 00 ISL. This allows you to create rules which select different check parameters for ISL and normal ports without specifying each individual port. Also, if you have configured port names, they will appear in the check item (and thus the service description). This can be turned off.


The inventory creates checks for all operational ports. What this exactly means can be configured (see CONFIGURATION VARIABLES).