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1. Installation

2. Monitoring

  • DashboardsUsing, creating and customising dashboards
  • CommandsActions on hosts, services and more

3. Configuration

  • ServicesConfiguring services to be monitored

4. Further Articles

4.1. Monitoring of Various Systems

4.2. Advanced Monitoring

  • NagVis Creating and managing maps
  • ReportsGenerating hard copies of evalutions from monitoring
  • LivestatusWorking with the Livestatus Query Language (LQL)
  • Web-APIAdministering Check_MK via HTTP(S)
  • KerberosIntegration of Single Sign On (SSO) in Check_MK

4.3. The Check_MK Micro Core (CMC)

5. Implementing extensions

5.1. Introduction

6. The Check_MK Appliance

  • Device controlNeustarten, Herunterfahren und Einschalten Ihres Geräts
  • BackupDas Gerät sichern und wiederherstellen
  • DiagnosticsEinige Tipps für eine einfache Fehlerdiagnose

7. Miscellaneous