1 This is only a recommendation. The appliance is not limited in the number of hosts or services which can be monitored with this device.
2 We propose using SD cards from Swissbit (available as a supplement). They are designed for industrial use and much more reliable than standard SD cards.
3 The number of hosts depend on a powerful virtualization environment and are only valid if enough CPU, memory and disk IO bandwidth is available. In larger environments we suggest using the Check_MK rack1 or a dedicated server.
4 The data volume of the virtual appliance has been created with a dynamic size of up to 100 GB. This is usually enough for about 30,000 monitored services.
5 The usage of the Check_MK Appliances requires a subscription of the Check_MK Monitoring System for at least one year. The services that you monitor with your appliances are accounted for the dimension of the subscription. Within the subscription you have access to arbitrary updates of the appliance firmware and the Check_MK Monitoring System.
6 Shipment times are valid for Germany and begin with the ending of the response time. The service hours are: Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm CET, with the exception of bank holidays.
Upon request, we are happy to provide you with potential differences for you preferred location.
7 Service prices are valid for Germany. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with the pricing for your preferred location.
Outside of Germany additional shipment cost can incur.