Werk #2354

TitleBI aggregations now also consider the service period
Date2015-06-17 15:49:54
Check_MK EditionCheck_MK Raw Edition (CRE)
Check_MK Version1.2.7i2
Level2 - Prominent Change
ClassNew Feature
CompatibilityCompatible - no manual interaction needed

BI aggregations now also consider the service period of their contained services and hosts - just like for downtimes and acknowledgements. A BI aggregate is thus considered to be within its service period if its state would be OK under the assumption that all objects that are currently out of their service period are CRIT and the rest is OK. Or otherwise stated: If all things that are not in their service period are switched off: if the BI aggregate would get CRIT - well then it is not in its service period. Yet in other words that means that the service period of something can only cover times where all of its vital parts also are in service period.

The information "within/out of service period" is now also available for the availability computations. That allows you now to base availability reporting for BI aggregates to be based on certain time periods.