The software development of Check_MK is organized in so called Werks. A Werk is any change or bug fix that has influence on the user's experiance. Each Werk has a unique ID, one of the levels Trivial Change, Prominent Change or Major Feature and one of the classes Bug Fix, Feature or Security Fix.
Whenever you make an update to a new Check_MK version please make sure that you have understood all incompatible changes. You might have to adapt your configuration.
If you like to get informed about new werks, you can subscribe to various mailinglists which inform you about werks of specific levels.

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Trivial Change Prominent Change Major Change New Feature Bug Fix Security Fix Incompatible

Version 1.2.8p27
#5608 Checks & Agents: temperature.include: Fixed device levels handling
#5548 Checks & Agents: zpool_status: Fixed crash if pool has been deleted or vanished
#5549 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed scattered information for configuration
#5550 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed exceptions because of useless backslashes
#5518 Checks & Agents: win.mem: Fix incorrect representation of absolute memory levels in graphs
#5451 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fixed reclassifying mechanism: Patterns did not apply correctly if they have changed
#5302 Checks & Agents: oracle_instance: Fixed crash if output contains more than 12 columns
#5557 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed bug in uptime because AIX is not able to interpret ? and + in regexes
#5316 Checks & Agents: cmciii.access: Fixed error state handling
#5417 Checks & Agents: Windows: allow whitespace in eventlog event source
#4757 GUI: Fixed possible reflected XSS in webapi.py
#5533 Metrics System: Fix possible accidental removal of all new style RRDs (var/check_mk/rrd) when downgrading from 1.4 or newer
#4222 WATO: Services of host page: Fixed encoding issue for hosts with umlauts in alias
#5561 distros: Add build support for SLES12SP3
#5727 packages: nrpe: Fixed missing check_nrpe on stretch
Version 1.2.8p26
#5120 Checks & Agents: ps ps.perf: Fixed regex range introduced with werk 5114 which allows "/" in process name in manual checks
#5115 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed wrong detected lines from agent output if they contain no counters, eg. 'class = misc'
#5114 Checks & Agents: ps ps.perf: Allow "/" in process name in manual checks
#5113 Checks & Agents: cifsmounts nfsmounts: Fixed wrong reported error message if user has not right permissions on mount point
#5121 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Added error message if cx_Oracle module is not installed
#5125 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_power: Fixed wrong index usage which leads to undetected power supplies
#5282 Checks & Agents: hpux_tunables: Fixed discovering kernel tunables on HPUX 11.23
#5281 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Fixed ignoring invalid lines
#5279 Checks & Agents: qnap_disks: Just discover slots that are not empty
#5278 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed wrong detected sensors in state "State disasserted"
#4804 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fix limiting discovered ports by operational and physical status
#5110 Checks & Agents: appdynamics_memory: Fixed crashing if max. available for heap or non-heap memory is zero
#5096 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle_crs: crs_stat command is deprecated since Oracle 11gR2; Now the plugin handles that correctly
#5078 Checks & Agents: lnx_distro: Detects version and name of Check_MK Appliance correctly
#5016 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_temp: Fixed crash if thresholds are set manually
#5014 Checks & Agents: df: Fixed error if dynamic levels should be set
#5083 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: Do not discover if data is incomplete
#5079 Checks & Agents: windows_tasks: Adapted man page; Some OK states were missing
#5091 Checks & Agents: Perfometer: Allow zero as maximal value; Fixed unsupported operand type for /: 'float' and 'NoneType'
#5093 Checks & Agents: dell_poweredge_temp: Fixed device levels handling if they are empty
#5095 Checks & Agents: "Round trip average" graph: Added warn and crit lines
#5089 Checks & Agents: citrix_xenapp.ps1: Refactored; now uses powershell commands for Citrix environment instead of WMI objects which caused runtime errors
#5204 Core & Setup: Host rename: Fixed broken rename of hosts in rrdcached journal
#5038 Core & Setup: Datasource programs: Prevent zombie processes in case of timeouts
#5205 Core & Setup: Host rename: Fixed broken renaming when new name uses dots
#5208 GUI: Fix possibe information disclosure to unauthenticated users
Version 1.2.8p25
#4915 Checks & Agents: solaris_mem: Unified graphs and Per-O-Meter with common memory checks
#4914 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Plugin is now prioritized over solaris_mem if both is available
#4909 Checks & Agents: arris_cmts_cpu: Fixed crash if thresholds are set
#4908 Checks & Agents: enterasys_powersupply: Fixed crash if empty output
#4972 Checks & Agents: mk_inventory.aix: Use MK_VARDIR instead of MK_CONFDIR for the state file
#4980 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters.file_sizes: Added readable titles of related metrics
#5029 Checks & Agents: Fix Windows agent crash with logwatch and '*' wildcard
#4984 Checks & Agents: aix_service_packs: Cleaned up mixture of the latest and all past service packs
#4982 Checks & Agents: zypper: Made check more robust against different SLES 12 service packs
#4981 Checks & Agents: fjdarye100_sum fjdarye101_sum: Fixed precompiling error: No such file or directory: '/omd/sites/SITENAME/share/check_mk/checks/a'
#4823 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_cpu: Fixed crash if data for node is missing
#4887 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc: Fixed crashing check plugin caused by IndexError
#4876 Checks & Agents: mounts: Fixed wrong handling of NFS mounts on Linux which are detected as stale
#4874 Checks & Agents: cisco_power: Improved discovery of power supplies
#4827 Checks & Agents: domino_info: Fixed crash if some information is missing
#4826 Checks & Agents: juniper_cpu_util: No crash anymore if information is not provided
#4884 Checks & Agents: oracle_logswitches: Fixed missing oracle.include
#4879 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_humidity akcp_exp_humidity: Fixed wrong order of level evaluation
#4883 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed performance data handling if running on cluster
#4824 Checks & Agents: f5bigip_conns: Fixed crash if Parameters are at 'No Levels'
#4881 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed service details: Number of paths were interpreted as expected paths
#4880 Checks & Agents: wut_webtherm wut_webtherm.humidity: Fixed missing device type and enabled performance data for humidity
#4902 GUI: Monitoring history views: Fixed possible XSS when displaying "plugin output"
#4878 HW/SW-Inventory: lnx_distro: Fixed wrong detected distribution name, vendor and version
#7663 deb: Added missing package dependencies for Ubuntu zesty (17.04)
#7661 omd: Fixed possible stored XSS using the internal server error handler
Version 1.2.8p24
#4561 Agent Bakery: Agent Updater compatibility fix for older python versions (<2.6)
#4792 Checks & Agents: Fixed wrong unit in graph for tape utilization
#4793 Checks & Agents: chrony: Changed to raw IP address without dns name to avoid empty output
#4790 Checks & Agents: Fixed scaling for the average in interface services of pnp4nagios graphs
#4789 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed computation of uptime
#4788 Checks & Agents: openhardwaremonitor: New support of current hardware
#4794 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: Now considers top in /usr/bin/ and /usr/local/bin/
#4858 Checks & Agents: omd_apache data collection: fixed issues caused by missing newline at the end of statsfile(s)
#4872 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed conversions of size, arc meta used, arc meta limit and arc meta max
#4873 Checks & Agents: printer_supply: Fixed IndexError in case of missing colour information
#4871 Checks & Agents: if.include: Added missing interface types
#4868 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespace: Restrict data for check from primary
#4785 Checks & Agents: oracle_locks: New SQL for check
#4795 Checks & Agents: netstat: Fixed wrong output if LISTENING connections should be monitored on Ubuntu
#4784 Checks & Agents: oracle_rman: wrong detection of level 1 backup
#4637 Checks & Agents: blade_blades: Fixed buggy state validation
#4772 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc cisco_wlc_clients: Added support for Cisco 1850 devices
#4636 Checks & Agents: Added compatibility for Lenovo blades
#4635 Checks & Agents: raritan_emx_sensors.temp raritan_px_sensors: Fix checks for Nagios core, add missing WATO rule to raritan_px_sensors
#4634 Checks & Agents: aix_if: Make check work with different ifconfig output format
#4774 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Expanded missing information handling
#4775 Checks & Agents: fortigate_sessions: Improved missing or invalid output handling
#4779 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.freebsd check_mk_agent.solaris: Reduce agent output by excluding mirror devices
#4781 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle mk_oracle.aix: Added support for Oracle 12.2
#4778 Checks & Agents: lnx_quotas: Adapted plugin output if TABS are used in fstab
#4777 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_sensors: Fixed wrong interpretation of ESX sensor health state 'UNKNOWN'
#4053 GUI: Summary line in BI availability moved when sorting. It is fixed now.
#4776 HW/SW-Inventory: solaris_psrinfo: Fixed handling of newer output eg. of Solaris SPARC T5
#4828 Notifications: User notification rules can now be canceled
Version 1.2.8p23
#4736 Checks & Agents: ucs_bladecenter_if: Fixed crash if fabric interconnects are aggregated
#4631 Checks & Agents: cisco_ace_rserver: Fix broken IP address parsing
#4739 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_da_phydrv: Implemented new possible values
#4740 Checks & Agents: mysql: Fixed crash if instance is not available anymore
#4742 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Added required tables to prevent crash
#4741 Checks & Agents: dell_powerconnect_temp: Fixed missing reference for computing the temperature
#4663 Checks & Agents: check_mailboxes: Removed useless report_age which causes TypeError: float() argument must be a string or a number
#4661 Checks & Agents: msexch_isstore msexch_isclienttype: Split up check files. Second one needs its own check plugin file if using Nagios core
#4633 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics.uptime: No longer crash when agent info is incomplete
#4632 Checks & Agents: fsc_subsystems: No longer crash when statuscode is missing
#4654 Checks & Agents: oracle_recovery_area: Added missing metric info
#4655 Checks & Agents: fileinfo.groups: Added missing metric information
#8289 Checks & Agents: wagner_titanus_topsense.smoke: Adapted levels to be more user friendly
#4660 HW/SW-Inventory: win_os: Fixed wrong OS information if eg. ESX is installed on Windows host
#4680 WATO: Sync of local hierarchy (MKPs) preserves symlinks now
#4750 WATO: Ensure uploaded icons are saved with their filename instead of paths
#7644 omd: omd restore: Fixed possible crash "linkname ... not found"
Version 1.2.8p22
#4670 BI: Fixed exception when trying to edit not existing BI aggregation
#4640 Checks & Agents: heartbeat_crm: Fixed crash if output contains capital letters
#4638 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.multipath: Fixed compatibility to older versions
#4647 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_queues: Fixed 'list index out of range' error
#4648 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle: Fixed logswitches SQL statement for ORACLE RAC case
#8286 Checks & Agents: brocade_mlx_power: Added new standard OID for snChasPwrSupply2Table to receive all power supplies in stacked devices
#4627 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: Fix bogus 100000000 A battery current occurring on some devices
#8624 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: Fix usage of port name during discovery
#4641 Checks & Agents: mysql_capacity: Fixed crash if schema contains spaces
#4471 Checks & Agents: Windows Agent Process Monitoring: ps section is no longer completely suppressed when only parts of the data is missing
#4622 Checks & Agents: emc_isilon_diskstatus: Now treats L3 caching devices as OK
#4616 Checks & Agents: mk_postgres/mk_db2.linux: Fixed quotes which lead into wrong interpretation
#4593 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: Fixed missing WATO group
#4470 Event Console: Event console: fixed incorrect event counting for timed-out and heartbeat events
#4474 GUI: graphs for fileinfo checks: the size value was displayed without unit information
#4671 GUI: Metrics: Fixed exceptions when trying to parse perfdata with range warn/crit
#4669 GUI: Fixed possible exception in view dashlets (e.g. single event views)
#4610 GUI: Fixed error in graph displaying views with invalid perfdata strings
#4558 WATO: Set correct file permissions for WATO snapshots
#7642 distros: Fixed startup of apache on Debian 9 (php incompatibility)
#7638 distros: Added support for Ubuntu 17.04 (zesty)
#7640 packages: Debian 9: Fixed dependency issue with mod_fcgid
#7575 packages: FIX: Ubuntu 17.04 (zesty): Fixed dependency issue with mod_fcgid
#7647 packages: PNP4Nagios: Fixed PHP export when using PHP7
Version 1.2.8p21
#4581 Checks & Agents: postgres_stats: Fixed confusion of VACUUM and ANALYSE timestamp in agent plugin
#4577 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: Fixed missing channel states
#4576 Checks & Agents: if64 if64adm: Fixed interface speed handling, if highspeed data is not available or zero
#4583 Checks & Agents: netextreme_psu: Fixed empty data handling
#4586 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed crashes if access point is not reachable or no values could be calculated
#8629 Checks & Agents: win_printers: Fix broken default parameters
#4588 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc cisco_wlc_clients: Fixed missing OID for Cisco WLC-8510 devices
#4587 Checks & Agents: juniper_trpz_aps juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Fixed missing OID for WLC800R series
#4552 Checks & Agents: win_dhcp_pools: Fixed conversion of old type of rules (1.2.6) to new type (1.2.8)
#4551 Checks & Agents: zfs_arc_cache: Fixed metrics in html5 graphing
#4531 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Added missing info for better analysis
#4530 Checks & Agents: lnx_distro: Fixed missing distribution if eg. Oracle and Redhat release files are available
#4194 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.multipath: Fixed grouping of paths
#4533 Checks & Agents: cisco_vpn_tunnel: Fixed handling if tunnel is not yet open and phase two values are not set
#4544 Checks & Agents: multipath: Fixed missing infos in output if a failure occurs
#4550 Checks & Agents: smart: the services do not crash anymore if a threshold is not provided
#4549 Checks & Agents: citrix_licenses: Fixed always ok state even if all licenses are used
#4032 Checks & Agents: smart agent plugin: disable megacli logging output
Version 1.2.8p20
#8628 Checks & Agents: printer_alerts: Fix discovery when there are no alerts
#8627 Checks & Agents: apt: Fix Ubuntu "NOTE: This is only a simulation!" warning being output in check
#4529 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_raid: Fixed incomplete raid detection; Added missing states
#4528 Checks & Agents: datapower_mem hp_procurve_mem ucd_mem: Improved graph readability
Version 1.2.8p19
#4519 Checks & Agents: mbg_lantime_ng_refclock: Added missing refclock types
#4520 Checks & Agents: avaya_45xx_temp: Fixed wrong temperature unit and value handling
#4518 Checks & Agents: citrix_licenses: Fixed related PNP template with error 'Unused Arguments " " in AREA:used...'
#4516 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Escaped quotes in run_cached function used for ipmi-sensors command
#4495 Checks & Agents: mk_mysql.vbs: Fixed missing command if DB process runs as mysqld-nt.exe
#4187 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: better performance for tcp connections query
#4523 Checks & Agents: tsm_stagingpools tsm_storagepools: Fixed numerical data handling, ie. util and size may contain ","
#4524 Checks & Agents: logwatch.ec: Removed quotes from message text which caused errors in EC rule evalution with matching criteria 'Text to match'
#4543 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu: Fixed too restrictive service discovery
#8626 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics.threads: Prevent service staleness in case of decreasing threads
#4538 Checks & Agents: blade_bx_powermod: Fixed outdated calculation of state
#4537 Checks & Agents: hyperv_checkpoints: Fixed wrong detection of checkpoint
#4536 Checks & Agents: akcp_sensor_humidity: Crash if parameters are set
#4494 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc cisco_wlc_clients: Fixed missing OID for Cisco WLC 5520 Appliances
#4492 Checks & Agents: mk_oracle.ps1: Now takes version into account which fixed wrong calculation of tablespaces and fixed missing possibility of wallet configuration
#8665 Checks & Agents: fixed aborted snmp scan because of werk #8664
#8664 Checks & Agents: prefer ucd_mem over hr_mem in case of pfSense monitoring
#8666 Checks & Agents: added more detected APs to aironet_clients
#4354 Checks & Agents: netstat_an.bat: Fix syntax error
#4352 Checks & Agents: akcp_exp_temp akcp_sensor_temp: No longer crash when temperature information is missing.
#4353 Checks & Agents: palo_alto: Fix wrong infotext
#4438 Checks & Agents: statgrab_mem: Fixed wrong calculation of swap
#4445 Checks & Agents: cisco_cpu: Fixed crash if values are empty
#4489 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed group option, ie. newer ipmi-sensors versions have a different group option, thus the section was empty.
#4491 Checks & Agents: logwatch.groups: Fixed inconsistency of service description which now begins with 'Log' instead of 'LOG'
#4481 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_channels: fixed incomplete info handling, id. ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack
#4479 Checks & Agents: Fixed wrong scaling of check-mk-host-service host check command
#4461 Checks & Agents: windows agent df section: volumes with spaces in name are now supported
#8284 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Fixed wrong IPv6 URLs to query the information
#4511 GUI: Graph dashlets: Fixed graph rendering on host specific dashboards
#4404 GUI: FIX Logwatch problematic logfiles list was showing too many logfiles
#4400 GUI: Fixed possible random "OSError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor" in GUI
#8667 HW/SW-Inventory: fixed missing patchlevel in inventory data of SuSE 12.1 and 12.2
#4385 HW/SW-Inventory: mk_inventory.vbs: Add new query type for installed software on hosts
#7635 packages: Fixed problems in legacy graphs when having dashes in cookies
Version 1.2.8p18
#4396 BI: Fixed exception in BI views when using site icons
#4412 Checks & Agents: haproxy.server: fixed empty uptime info handling
#4413 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: handle empty info
#4375 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Fixed reporting configuration issues to monitoring core
#4410 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: fixed missing info handling
#4408 Checks & Agents: checkpoint_temp checkpoint_fan checkpoint_voltage: fixed status and value handling
#4406 Checks & Agents: Fixed some invalid keyword arguments in check_info declarations
#4407 Checks & Agents: df: fixed handling of paths including spaces
#4374 Checks & Agents: check_sql: Fixed exception in verbose mode when querying MSSQL
#4409 Checks & Agents: uptime: fixed missing info handling
#4414 Checks & Agents: oracle_rman: fixed UnboundLocalError if sid level 0 is empty
#4190 Checks & Agents: mssql_blocked_sessions: Fixed unknown states if only one session is blocked
#4189 Checks & Agents: mem.used: Fixed graphing
#8753 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: Fixed zfs_arc_cache section
#4192 Checks & Agents: df: Fixed handling of incomplete information about inodes
#4196 Checks & Agents: blade_blades: fixed out of range state
#4415 Checks & Agents: blade_bays: fixed KeyError
#8750 Checks & Agents: checkpoint_packets: fixed parameters handling if none are set
#4359 Checks & Agents: mssql_counters: ignore invalid lines
#4349 Checks & Agents: cisco_qos: Fix crashing check for some cases where the QoS class cannot be found
#4399 GUI: Views: Fixed graph showing views of services with invalid perfdata
#4398 GUI: Fixed broken GUI when deleting local/share/check_mk/web/plugins dir
#4389 GUI: Views: Fixed "Cached" column when cache interval is reported to be 0
#4383 GUI: Fixed broken "tiled" host view with German localized GUI
#4397 GUI: Views: Fixed datasource KeyError exception
#4371 GUI: Dashboards: Folder filtered globe dashlets now link to filtered views
#4365 GUI: Service availability: Host down could not be rewritten to other states like CRIT
#4384 GUI: Fixed exception on start page when using Python < 2.5
#4382 GUI: Views: Silently ignore configured but not existing view filters
#4386 GUI: Fixed exception when creating links from service views to service group views
#4388 GUI: Views: Fixed exception with host tag columns which tag has been deleted
#4395 HW/SW-Inventory: Inventory filters: Fixed error handling when entering invalid regexes
#3918 HW/SW-Inventory: Inventory history: Fixed possible exception when renedering history tables
#4376 WATO: WATO Web-API: Is now disabled when WATO is disabled on a site (e.g. slave sites)
#4031 WATO: LVM Volume Groups: fixed broken WATO configuration
#4373 WATO: Timeperiods: iCal events with multiple days can now be imported
#7633 distros: Add build support for Debian 9 (stretch)
#7631 omd: .sh files are not executed by fcgid anymore
#7632 packages: dokuwiki: Exclude bw.png icons from indexmenu plugin (licensing reason)
Version 1.2.8p17
#8598 Agent Bakery: win_dhcp_pools: fixed error in bakelet: 'cmk' not defined
#4333 Checks & Agents: tsm_storage_pools: fixed incomplete data handling
#4356 Checks & Agents: brocade_fcport: since FW 8.0.* tx/rxwords are no longer available, use values from FCMGMT-MIB instead
#4358 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: fixed exception handling
#4355 Checks & Agents: ipmi: added missing case: ignore sensor status 'ns'
#4125 Checks & Agents: kaspersky_av_client: made fullscan state optional, simplified plugin
#4340 Checks & Agents: blade_bays: cleanup and some improvements
#4344 Checks & Agents: lnx_quota: Fixed wrong value calculation and removed performance data
#4343 Checks & Agents: apt: Fixed wrong state information of pending updates of normal and security updates
#4342 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant: fixed empty status handling
#4341 Checks & Agents: cisco_wlc: fixed invalid parameters during service discovery
#4305 Checks & Agents: postgres_stat_database.size: fixed missing database size perfometer
#4304 Checks & Agents: mk_inventory.linux: fixed missing redirection to null device in if statement
#4283 Checks & Agents: check_mail_loop: Now using "mail to" address in To header
#4297 Checks & Agents: oracle_instance: fixed discovery function
#4214 Checks & Agents: jolokia_metrics.tp: Fix crash in case of partial thread information
#4213 Checks & Agents: fjdarye101_syscaps: Fix failing check when using Nagios core
#4191 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usage: Fixed wrong total GHz
#4298 Checks & Agents: omd_apache: fixed missing data handling
#4299 Checks & Agents: df: fixed missing filesystem type handling
#4303 Checks & Agents: sap_state: fixed error handling
#4302 Checks & Agents: win_wmi_software: fixed invalid data handling
#4301 Checks & Agents: winperf_tcp_conn: fixed missing data handling
#4300 Checks & Agents: job: fixed missing information handling
#4345 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant_temp: Ignore device levels of 0
#4315 GUI: Logwatch problematic logfiles list was showing too many logfiles
#4321 GUI: LDAP: Improved validation of groups to attributes sync plugin
#4326 GUI: FIX Fixed broken PDF export of BI aggregation group view
#4327 WATO: Allowing dollar sign in mail addresses now
#4337 WATO: logwatch: removed redundant master url in single site environment and fixed missing master url prefix if configured in master site
Version 1.2.8p16
#4264 Checks & Agents: wmic_process: fixed invalid info handling
#4265 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_cpu: fixed missing number of cpus
#4263 Checks & Agents: oracle_crs_res: fixed UnboundLocalError; 'crs_nodename' referenced before assignment
#4262 Checks & Agents: wmi_cpuload: fixed missing section handling
#3896 Checks & Agents: Agent RPMs: Fixing dependency issue with old check_mk-agent-oracle-*.rpm and check_mk-agent-logwatch-*.rpm
#4261 Checks & Agents: db2_logsizes: fixed wrong discovery condition
#4266 Checks & Agents: quantum_libsmall_status: fixed scan function
#4268 Checks & Agents: cisco_vpn_tunnel: Reporting zero traffic in case the tunnel is down
#4290 Checks & Agents: cisco_fru_power: fixed invalid admin state handling
#4292 Checks & Agents: oracle_asm_diskgroup: fixed handling if disk status is DISMOUNTED
#4289 Checks & Agents: mysql.innodb_io: fixed incomplete data handling
#4288 Checks & Agents: sentry_pdu: fixed data handling if power value is missing
#4278 Checks & Agents: check_mail_loop: Added missing Date header to sent mails
#4287 Checks & Agents: job: fixed incomplete data handling
#4259 Checks & Agents: aix_sap_processlist: fixed ValueError; if process has stopped and does not report any start time
#4260 Checks & Agents: db2_logsizes: removed pprint statement
#4172 Checks & Agents: smart.temp: fixed discovery and check function
#4174 Checks & Agents: added missing perfometer for interface services
#4122 Checks & Agents: ibm_svc_enclosure: added support for firmware >= 7.8
#4121 Checks & Agents: mk_mysql: fixed handling of multiple instances
#4119 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.solaris: fixed run_cached function
#4120 Checks & Agents: fixed checks mysql and mysql.sessions for multiple MySQL instances
#4182 Checks & Agents: mysql_slave: fixed crash if agent output is empty
#4173 Checks & Agents: if.include: ignore some more keys in 'Network interfaces and switch ports' rule which are only used for interface grouping
#4209 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Setting a default product now works
#4211 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_counters: No longer crash when counters are available for instances without a read value
#4212 Checks & Agents: jolokia_info: Fix crash for certain product versions.
#4183 Checks & Agents: ibm_imm_fan: Fixed crash if fan speed is "unavailable"
#4207 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Use configured port as default instance name
#4184 Checks & Agents: hivemanager_devices: Fixed bug if device is up for more than 1 year
#4281 Core & Setup: Fixed piggyback hosts with spaces in names leading to crashes
#4145 GUI: Fixed exception when setting output_format in wrong case
#4226 GUI: Custom inventory painters are now correctly loaded when declared with inventory_displayhints
#4267 Reporting & Availability: PDF export of filtered alert statistics view was always empty
#7615 distros: SLES: Changed dependencies from php5* to php* to allow use of PHP7
#7618 packages: Fixed broken check_dhcp (regression since 1.4.0i3)
#7619 rpm: Fixed sites not being started on RPM based distros using systemd (e.g. RHEL7)
Version 1.2.8p15
#4115 Checks & Agents: mem.linux: fixed missing stack bug in PNP template
#4117 Checks & Agents: HPUX agent: fixed determination of cpu/core information
#4126 Checks & Agents: apache_status: Handle https requests lo localhost in case of certificate mismatch
#3943 Checks & Agents: ntp.time: fixed parameters in discovered checks
#4113 Checks & Agents: postgres_locks: fixed missing include file
#4103 Checks & Agents: kaspersky_av_client: No longer crash when date of last full scan is unknown
#4111 Checks & Agents: hp_proliant: fixed empty data handling
#4112 Checks & Agents: db2_logsizes: fixed invalid data handling
#4138 Checks & Agents: statgrab: Fixed issue in FreeBSD agent when statgrab is not installed
#4157 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_cluster: fixed None item
#4162 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_vm.heartbeat: fixed KeyError
#4163 Checks & Agents: kernel: fixed empty data handling
#4164 Checks & Agents: livestatus_status: fixed ValueError for values in scientific notation
#4161 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_sp_util: fixed empty data handling
#4160 Checks & Agents: emcvnx_info: fixed data handling, now detects errors
#4158 Checks & Agents: fileinfo: fixed file handling containing spaces
#4159 Checks & Agents: mem.win: Fixed KeyError
#4102 Checks & Agents: logwatch: Fixed crash due to non-existant logfile
#4114 Checks & Agents: innovaphone_licenses: fixed wrong percentage calculation
#4069 Checks & Agents: cmciii.phase: Fixed broken check with some devices
#4074 Checks & Agents: check_ftp: Fixed possible wrong service description caused by unintended use of global variable
#4081 Checks & Agents: dell_powerconnect_cpu: Fixed broken metrics
#4101 Checks & Agents: citrix_sessions: Output error message in case of missing session information.
#4092 Checks & Agents: if.include: fixed wrong calculated number of interfaces which are up in case of interface groups
#3953 Checks & Agents: diskstat: extended fix for multipath devices with or without alias
#4099 Checks & Agents: msexch_rpcclientaccess: Previously nonfunctional WATO rule and default parameters now work
#4100 Checks & Agents: mk_mysql: Only perform queries if mysqladmin ping is successful#
#4093 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Werk 3907 broke the space calculation
#4078 Core & Setup: Fixed handling of hosts with non resolvable IP addresses during runtime
#4097 Event Console: Event Console: Make writing of status file more robust
#4072 GUI: Fixed multiple issues in BI availability when groups or names contain umlauts
#4140 GUI: Views: Download agent output action was not displayed correctly on SNMP+Agent hosts
#4080 GUI: Fixed possible exception "unsupported operand type" in matrix views
#4139 GUI: Fixed exception on service detail page in case of invalid man pages
#4127 GUI: Fixed possible "maximum recursion depth exceeded" error when sorting tables with a lot of text in cells
#4085 GUI: Fixed bug when rendering table views that have joined columns
#4128 GUI: Fixed exception in "Virtual host tree" snapin in case a user tries to access a not existing tree
#4131 WATO: Fixed broken WATO site login when using password containing special characters
#4082 WATO: Icon selector: Fixed exception in case non images are saved in icon folder
#4077 WATO: Fixed "Request URI too long" when cloning role after editing another one
#4079 WATO: Improved error handling in case a WATO folder can not be written
#4130 WATO: Improved error handling when trying to edit not existant rules
#7613 distros: Added build support for Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety)
#7610 distros: Added support for SLES12SP2
#7614 packages: perl-modules: Added missing modules IO/Socket
#7608 packages: monitoring-plugins: Updated to version 2.2
#7609 packages: dokuwiki: Removed too large dw2pdf plugin
Version 1.2.8p14
#3991 BI: BI Aggregations: no longer show duplicate aggregations when an aggregation has mulitple groups
#3741 Checks & Agents: omd_status: Fix labelling and structure of several metric graphs
#3979 Checks & Agents: vbox_guest: Only try to fetch VBox state in case the vboxguest module is loaded
#4088 Checks & Agents: ntp: fixed incomplete data handling
#3985 Checks & Agents: mrpe: fixed broken long output when using the CMC
#3986 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_counters.uptime: fixed incorrect alert when receiving corrupted counter data
#4086 Checks & Agents: websphere_mq_queues: fixed unknown variable
#4035 Checks & Agents: df_zos: Fixed ignoring last filesystem after new discovery
#4043 Checks & Agents: Add missing metric definition for 15 minute CPU load prediction'
#4091 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: Werk 3907 broke the detection of UNDO- and TEMP-Tablespaces
#3939 Checks & Agents: f5_bigip_conns: readded performance data and graphs
#3831 Checks & Agents: ucd_cpu_util: no longer reports an UNKNOWN error when the counter data wasn't updated
#3750 Checks & Agents: cmc_temp: Check now also works when using Nagios core
#3940 Checks & Agents: aix_hacmp_services: fixed broken check in case of agent section showing extra information before the "Status(...)" line
#3941 Checks & Agents: zypper: fixed broken check for sections since agent OS SLES12
#3961 Checks & Agents: fixed error sections handling if parse function is available
#3952 Checks & Agents: diskstat: fixed bug if multipath devices having an alias
#3962 Checks & Agents: oracle_sessions: fixed empty section handling
#4147 Event Console: Always show rule analyser result on Generate, not only after previous Try out
#3980 GUI: Fixed possible flickering GUI when using Chrome and zooming the page
#3970 GUI: Fixed possible URL injection on index page
#3974 GUI: Sorting comments in hover menu of comments icon by time now
#4037 GUI: Fix graphs that have optional metrics
#4040 GUI: Fix error in view about "No WATO folder ..." in case of host imported via cmcdump
#7574 Inline-SNMP: Fixed segfaults when using inline SNMP
#3982 WATO: Some MKPs created with WATO could not be uploaded to the Check_MK Exchange
#4068 WATO: Fixed possible exception in case of wrong automation secrets between multiple sites
#7605 packages: Updated dokuwiki plugins
Version 1.2.8p13
#3958 Checks & Agents: netapp_qtree_quota: fixed graph scaling
#3960 Checks & Agents: if.include: fixed wrong order if interface groups are configured
#3964 Checks & Agents: df_zos: Fixed not working filesystemcheck for IBM z/OS
#3967 Checks & Agents: raritan_emx: Fixed broken check (wrong include temperature.includes)
#3650 Checks & Agents: Fixed bash versionitis, unbreaking cached check results.
#3937 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.aix: fixed hadling of mailq command
#3903 Checks & Agents: mssql.vbs: Fixed support for MSSQL server 2016
#3825 Checks & Agents: local check: no longer cuts away any trailing "9" digits in P mode
#3822 Checks & Agents: MRPE commands longer than 256 characters got truncated
#3902 GUI: Graph search view: Changing painter options made page empty
#3968 Notifications: Notifications / Alert handling: Fixed configuring nth notifications without state changes
#3821 WATO: WATO Network Scan: Fixed risk of loosing site tags when performing a network scan
#8557 cmc: Alert handling: Fixed repeating error "OSError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor"
#8556 cmc: Alert handling: Improved error in case alert handler is not executable
Version 1.2.8p12
#3818 Checks & Agents: windows agent: fixed 2 bugs related to mrpe
#3814 Checks & Agents: win_netstat: fixed unicode warning while parsing data
#3813 Checks & Agents: check_mail: fixed missing base64 decoding on multipart mails
#3890 Checks & Agents: check_mk_agent.openbsd: Fixed broken MRPE checks
#3837 Checks & Agents: Fixed empty check if lnx_if info contains additional line
#3649 Checks & Agents: Added a workaround for an escaping-related bug in old bash versions
#3840 Checks & Agents: cisco_qos: Fixed wrong units in graphs
#3880 Checks & Agents: check_sql: fixed missing number in check details
#3809 Checks & Agents: windows agent: no longer truncates plugin output, no longer freezes when plugin produces too much output
#3934 Checks & Agents: mssql.vbs now detects MSSQL Server 2016 instances
#3935 Checks & Agents: FIX avaya_45xx_cpu: check got UNKNOWN using Nagios core
#3936 Checks & Agents: chrony: support new params dictionary and rule "State of NTP time synchronisation"
#3907 Checks & Agents: oracle_tablespaces: simplyfied free space calculation depending on version
#3748 Checks & Agents: vertias_vcs: Fix empty agent section for standard xinetd configuration
#3808 Checks & Agents: df.include: fixed incorrect levels calculations on very small filesystems
#3804 Checks & Agents: Datasource programs: fixed possible Check_MK Helper exception when creation of subprocess fails
#3888 Checks & Agents: df checks: Fixed invalid displayed WARN / CRIT lines in graphs when using "bytes left" thresholds
#3893 Core & Setup: Predictive levels: Improved handling of broken prediction files (empty files)
#3889 Core & Setup: Fixed incompatiblity with Python 2.4 (CentOS 5.5) introduced with 1.2.8p11
#3857 Core & Setup: Creation of crash reports could lead to further bugs
#3737 Core & Setup: Fixed slow activation of changes due to loss of IP address cache
#3884 Event Console: Notifications: Fixed wrong LASTSERVICESTATE and SERVICESTATE in EC notifications
#3874 GUI: fixed graphs displaying wrong labels
#3885 GUI: Fixed sorting of version in werk list (1.2.8p10 and 1.2.8p11 were not listed on top)
#3858 GUI: Fixed crash report and snapshot creation when using Python <2.5 (e.g. with CentOS 5)
#3882 HW/SW-Inventory: mk_inventory.linux: fixed wrong graphic card section name
#3811 HW/SW-Inventory: HW/SW Inventory: Fixed GUI display crash when querying data from older software versions
#3740 Livestatus: Moved livedump utility from treasures directly into bin directory
#3860 Notifications: EC condition: Fixed default value of rule id selection
#3881 WATO: fixed automation call 'delete piggyback host'
#3738 WATO: Fixed sporadic pending changes due to (not) changed contact groups
#3739 WATO: Fix exception in displaying check parameter of grouped interfaces
#3820 WATO: Network scan: no longer fails completely if hostname already exists in configuration
Version 1.2.8p11
#3849 Checks & Agents: check_cpu_peaks: Fixed broken active check
#3870 Checks & Agents: elphase.include: more robust against none type params
#3797 Checks & Agents: Check_MK Check helpers: Decreased memory consumption in distributed setups
#3848 Checks & Agents: megaraid_pdisks: Handle "rebuild" state as WARNING instead of UNKNOWN
#3802 Checks & Agents: Fixed excess Check Helper PIPEs when a datasource program runs into a timeout
#3801 Checks & Agents: Fixed race condition with persisted data
#3798 Checks & Agents: Clusters: Fixed invalid timestamp of last cached agent data
#3871 GUI: stale services view: excluded services in downtime per default
#3850 GUI: Fixed JS error when quicksearch snapin not in sidebar
#3855 WATO: Fixed possible command injection by privileged WATO users
Version 1.2.8p10
#3770 Checks & Agents: win_dhcp_pools: Fixed crash in case of empty DHCP pools
#3769 Checks & Agents: cisco_temperature: Fixed exception in case of empty SNMP data received from device
#3772 Checks & Agents: ipmi_sensors: fixed missing states
#3774 Checks & Agents: apc_symmetra: fixed wrong status and values handling
#3782 Checks & Agents: agent_netapp: fixed exception with values containing umlauts
#3781 Checks & Agents: ipmi: made check more robust against incomplete datasets
#3766 Checks & Agents: palo_alto_sessions: Fixed possible division by zero error
#3768 Checks & Agents: quantum_libsmall_door: Fixed possible exception in scan function
#3765 Checks & Agents: oracle_asm_diskgroup: Made check more robust against invalid data received from agent
#3743 Checks & Agents: mk_jolokia: Fix possible code injection
#3562 Checks & Agents: agent_vsphere.pysphere: fixed problems related to ssl certificate validation on older distributions/python versions
#3762 Checks & Agents: local: Fixed long output handling with Microcore
#3761 Checks & Agents: windows_tasks: Fixed possible exception in discovery in case of unexpected agent data
#3764 Checks & Agents: netapp_api_vs_traffic: Fixed exception when no NFSv4 infos available
#3843 Core & Setup: Fixed reporting of crashes when using Nagios core
#3846 Core & Setup: Nagios: define_contactgroups = False is handled correctly again
#3771 Event Console: Fixed exception on edit rule page in case of special URLs
#3561 GUI: Removing a comment now also removes any linked acknowledgements
#3767 GUI: Fixed possible UnicodeDecodeError when having users with umlauts in the user ID
#3779 GUI: availability: added validation of availability options
#8548 Reporting & Availability: Fixed PDF export of host views having joined service columns
#3559 WATO: WATO API: now able to bake agents with the new action "bake_agents"
Version 1.2.8p9
#3715 Checks & Agents: agent_ipmi_sensors: fixed error handling
#3759 Checks & Agents: cpu.loads: Fixed possible crash on missing data
#3758 GUI: Fixed wrong sorting of events in main dashboard in distributed environments
#3753 GUI: Fixed graph hover popup of services having special characters in their names
#3757 WATO: Bulk import: Ensuring non ASCII characters are not imported into regular attributes
#3754 WATO: Cluster nodes are now correctly validated for invalid characters
#3752 WATO: Fixed loosing site configuration when editing hosts in WATO slave sites
#3756 WATO: Bulk import: Fixed exception when host name contained special characters
Version 1.2.8p8
#3742 Checks & Agents: ps: Fixed broken averaging
#3711 Checks & Agents: ipmi: fixed wrong status handling if sensor status is ok but failures detected
#3734 Checks & Agents: esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usage esx_vsphere_hostsystem.mem_usage esx_vsphere_hostsystem.maintenance: Fixed exception when needed data is missing
#8543 Metrics System: Fixed "math domain error" in some graphs
#3735 WATO: Fixed wrong host search link in case of deleting site with hosts assigned

You can find a list of all werks including older versions here.