TitleORACLE agent: mounted (readonly) databases make problems
ComponentChecks & Agents
StateDone (Won't Do)

> Our organisation has one live and one synchronised copy of each instance > distributed over two Oracle servers. The copy instances are "MOUNTED" but not > "OPEN", which causes an error with the Oracle plugin: > > instance1 /oracledata/instance1/data/welfare_clob.dbf WELFARE_CLOB AVAILABLE YES 44032 131072 44024 1 ONLINE 8192 ONLINE > instance1 /oracledata/instance1/data/welfare_live.dbf WELFARE_LIVE AVAILABLE YES 64000 131072 63992 1 ONLINE 8192 ONLINE > instance2 select f.file_name, f.tablespace_name, f.status, f.AUTOEXTENSIBLE, f.blocks, f.maxblocks, f.USER_BLOCKS, f.INCREMENT_BY, f.ONLINE_STATUS, t.BLOCK_SIZE, t.status from dba_data_files f, dba_tablespaces t where f.tablespace_name = t.tablespace_name > instance2 * > instance2 ERROR at line 1: > instance2 ORA-01219: database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables/views only