TitleMake mailq check monitor different queues individually
ComponentChecks & Agents
StateDone (Won't Do)

I am currently migrating from using NRPE/nagios-statd to check_mk and I have some checks that I have written for monitoring postfix mail queues. I found the check_mk postfix_mailq check but it seems to only provide the total mailq number. The check I had been using was a nagios plugin running via NRPE that just counted the files directly in the various spool directories. It just takes the queue name as an option. On my production mail servers it is very useful to be able to set limits for each queue. For example: * deferred is normally higher on busy servers due to undelivable mail, bounces, remote server problems, etc. (thousands) * active should usually be pretty low when the server is functioning correctly (<20 on relays, <150 on machine receiving mail and doing spam processing) * maildrop might have spikes if services are injecting a lot of mail but should clear quickly if the server is functioning well * hold should almost always be zero unless an admin is doing things or postfix is configured to automatically put certain things on hold (in which case you probably want to know about it). This is handy for reminding me to take things back off hold when I forget * corrupt should probably always be zero I can continue to use my local check via MRPE, but it would be much nicer if check_mk's native check could support this. (and if it does, checking the spool dirs directly is probably lighter weight than running mailq). Oh and the separate perfdata would be interesting too.