TitleSupport event processing (eg cancelling) after rewriting
ComponentEvent Console

From old ticketing system #371246: We've located the issue. It seems like canceling events doesn't work with rewriting. We're sending SNMP traps from a backup server with status for each host, the received hostname in EC is the backup server and we're rewriting to the correct hostname for each backup job. When we receive the expected regular message, as a canceling event, the rewrite is not performed, and the previous critical event is not canceled. [1362647115.920606] Do not cancel event 3613: host is not the same (vmtxm01qa != vmnag01qa) Bug / Feature request? -- Trond Viggo Håpnes Driftskonsulent, Buypass AS Direkte: +47 61 13 58 36, Mobil: +47 402 22 662 > -----Original Message----- > From: [mailto:checkmk-en- >] On Behalf Of Trond Viggo Håpnes > Sent: 6. mars 2013 12:05 > To: > Subject: [Check_mk (english)] Eventconsole - Expect regular messages > > Anyone managed to implemt "Expect regular messages" in eventconsole? > > We're trying to monitor backup jobs, but can't get "canceling event" > working. From the documentation I can't figure out how the rule > should be configured. > > In the criteria section I've configured, "Text to match", > "Match host", "Match syslog ..." and "Text to cancel event. In the > Counting & timing section I've checked the "Expect regular messages" > and > tested with several intervals and merging settings. And set the state > to CRIT. > > With the tryout function I do get a green light with canceling status > on > the correct rule. > > When I send a message which should cancel the event with "Generate > Event", > nothing happens. The critical event on the host is not canceled. > > Is this the correct way to implement this kind of monitoring? > > Running Check_MK 1.2.2b3, not OMD. > > -- > Trond Viggo Håpnes > Driftskonsulent, Buypass AS > > > _______________________________________________ > checkmk-en mailing list > > ------------------------------------------------ Hello, this is a missing informationen in our documentation. The processing of events is befor the rewriting. This behavior isnt easy to change. ---------------------------------- Ok. An easier approach could be to make it possible to disable the host check in the "Matching criteria" for "cancel event"? We've commented out the check in the code. And we now have functional backup monitoring. I guess there will be others with similar requirements.