Titleproblem checking pacemaker cluster: rscstatus deprecated
ComponentChecks & Agents

Currently, check_mk_agent attempts to get cluster status information with cl_status. It runs the command 'cls_status rscstatus', but in newer pacemaker clusters that results in the following error, which ends up in syslog: > cl_status[27331]: 2013/08/07_13:00:28 ERROR: Cannot get cluster resource status > cl_status[27331]: 2013/08/07_13:00:28 ERROR: REASON: Resource is managed by crm.Use crm tool to query resource The man page for cl_status states: > rscstatus > Show the status of cluster resources. Status will be one of: local, foreign, all or none. > > Note > This option is deprecated, it is obsolete in Pacemaker clusters. The other cl_status commands still work, though.