TitleImprove shinken support
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Added from old ticket system #755912: Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience i made today while setting up check_mk with Shinken as monitoring core (using OMD 0.56). Credits also go to several bug-reports and forum posts :) 1. When exporting check_mk's configuration to Nagios, cmk validates the "Nagios"-configuration by using the actual Nagios binary and also expects the config to sit at /omd/sites/sitename/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg, which does not exist when using Shinken as monitoring core. I worked around that by symlinking /omd/sites/sitename/tmp/shinken/shinken-apache.cfg (which is a legacy-Nagios-compatible version of shinken.cfg) to /omd/sites/sitename/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg. 2. Shinken does not seem to care about check results being submitted as file, since I could see my passive services being created correctly, but never received any result. After setting check_submission = 'pipe' in the check results were processed correctly. My thoughts on these findings are: Regarding 1.) Wouldn't it be possible to let OMD decide which core binary to use when doing a config check with check_mk, so that the correct one is being used (and therefore the correct config file is being parsed)? Regarding 2.) check_mk recommends submitting the check results by file for performance and scalability reasons. Do these reasons also apply to the Shinken core? Shinken ignores any settings regarding this, such as check_result_path. Would it be possible to set check_submission to pipe automatically when using Shinken instead of Nagios / Icinga? Regards, Markus