Titlecmk-update-agent: Better configuration of updater plugin to prevent problems during updates
ComponentAgent Updater & Bakery

The current standard setings of our cmk-update-agent: - Timeout for plugin: 60s - Execution is synchron to agent This settings do not take care about several situations on customer side. Updates in the local network will not be a problem, because most systems do not need more time than 60 seconds for it. If the updater is used on foreign hosts, like other locations or countries, then the 60 seconds are a problem. The download will take much more time to end successfully. That will result in the situation, that download perhaps will be finished, but the updater does not have enough time to finish. The agent will not work and no further information can be queried. A workaround for it is following (manual setting of specific rules): - Set execution mode for plugins and local checks: as value use cmk-update-agent.exe - Set timeouts for plugins and local checks: as value use cmk-upadte-agent.exe and 300 seconds (5 Minutes) It will not solve the problem of long running agent udpates. It will only take care about, that the update will successful ended in more situations. For a good solution, the updater should handle those thing itself.