TitleChange handling of undefined columns
ComponentMicrocore & Livestatus
StateDone (Won't Do)

We can introduce a livestatus option that affects the handling of unknown columns. The problem is that if in a new version of Livestatus are introduced columns and new versions of addons use them that old versions of Livestatus will not be compatible. If the old versions would not crash but simply output empty columns in that case, the problem could be tackled. Proposition for a parameter: unused_columns=warn ---> Log a warning in that case unused_columns=fail ---> Query fails (current behavious) unused_columns=ignore ---> Do not log In case of warn/ignore a default value will be sent for the unknown columns, e.g. None/null in python/json mode and an empty column in CVS. We could make 'warn' into a default. Multisite must then be aware of the possibility that a columns value is None. This is easier than just querying a livestatus version and make a switch.