TitleClusterchecks: make host name available to check
StateDone (Won't Do)

Problem: When using cluster checks, the check itself has no information, on which node of the cluster a certain check item has been found. If we would have that information, we could output something like "OK - running on node zbghora10". We could extend the API for checks in a way, that the check can *declare* that it always wants the name of the host as an additional (first) column in the info table. This can be done with the new dictionary. Checks that are cluster aware (ps, df, services) can then use that information and display the node (maybe on a configurable basis). Maybe we can use None as host name in case the check is not a cluster check. That way we omit useless data on non-clustered checks. Check_MK need then internally to conserve that information in case of cluster checks. The logic for the non-cluster-checks must not be changed or be degraded in performance. ==> That way the API for the checks keeps compatible and we have the "running on" information, which is also usefull for BI.