Known Bugs

This page shows you the known bugs, smaller nastinesses and other open issues with the current GIT version of Check_MK.

When reporting a bug, please have a quick look to see if this bug is already known. If you have further information about an existing bug (e.g. how to reproduce it), we are always happy when you can provide us with information that helps us to further improve Check_MK.

In the case you want to report a security related issue, please send a mail with all the details you got to our security address Mails to this address are not sent to any mailing list. Security issues should naturally not be made public until a fix is available. Please take a look at the Security Considerations page for more details.

For other problems please contact our mailinglists .

FEED-767, 2018-07-19 1.5.0b8: Discovery crash for container
CMK-389, 2018-02-20 init script for cmc should complain with a meaningfull messsage when cmc config file is not there
CMK-388, 2018-02-20 "activate changes" produces many zombie processes
CMK-387, 2018-02-20 icmpsender/receiver problems with omd version 2014-12-18
CMK-386, 2018-02-20 inventory data are stored in both a regular file and a gzipped file
CMK-385, 2018-02-20 HW/SW-Inventory Check should not be applied to clusters
CMK-384, 2018-02-20 check_mkevents: Make check for hostname AND ipaddress match possible
CMK-369, 2018-02-20 Event hostname / address filter does not work as user expects
CMK-364, 2018-02-20 Deleting a folder will not delete all files of the contained hosts
CMK-356, 2018-02-20 info, params und parsed dürfen nicht modifiziert werden
CMK-354, 2018-02-20 Use active checks from local hierarchy
CMK-349, 2018-02-20 Dashboard: "Show this view in the mobile GUI" does not make sense
CMK-348, 2018-02-20 quicksearch: streamline single/multi pattern search plugin
CMK-346, 2018-02-20 Add missing dependency: cron
CMK-344, 2018-02-20 table.cell(): Fix escaping of cell content
CMK-343, 2018-02-20 CMC robuster gegen kaputte Logeintraege machen (SEGV verhindern)
CMK-342, 2018-02-20 xinetd for livestatus: only_from not marked as handled by omd
CMK-340, 2018-02-20 Translation of "Line" is problematic
CMK-339, 2018-02-20 Activate Changes fails after update if some host with an deprecated check is down
CMK-337, 2018-02-20 WATO context button in a service view show not go to host properties
CMK-332, 2018-02-20 Multisite connections: move persistent connection option to TCP
CMK-329, 2018-02-20 Support event processing (eg cancelling) after rewriting
CMK-328, 2018-02-20 Change all levels of all checks and use always value >= crit, not value > crit
CMK-325, 2018-02-20 LDAP: Once synced contact groups can not be deleted anymore
CMK-324, 2018-02-20 mem.linux: ignore cma_total and cma_free in case CMA is not enabled
CMK-320, 2018-02-20 MKP: Ausführbarkeit bleibt nicht erhalten
CMK-317, 2018-02-20 Preview of report not refreshed when imported templates change
CMK-316, 2018-02-20 Service parameters: check parameters are not shown for missing services
CMK-308, 2018-02-20 Move notify.log to log directory
CMK-305, 2018-02-20 OMD: LIVESTATUS_TCP_PORT does not check for duplicate ports
CMK-302, 2018-02-20 notifications_enabled rules do generate integers / bools
CMK-298, 2018-02-20 mention name and path of logfiles whereever logging can be configured in wato
CMK-297, 2018-02-20 liveproxyd does not handle very slow and stalled connections well
CMK-295, 2018-02-20 EC: owner field is not being used
CMK-288, 2018-02-20 Matching of Texts in EC inconsistent if no regexes are used
CMK-287, 2018-02-20 winperf_phydisk: better handle counter wraps
CMK-286, 2018-02-20 problem checking pacemaker cluster: rscstatus deprecated
CMK-284, 2018-02-20 Check cache usage of the HW/SW inventory check
CMK-283, 2018-02-20 Improve performance of some pages (using automations)
CMK-277, 2018-02-20 Handle limit-settings sensefully at availability reporting
CMK-275, 2018-02-20 windows_agent: processing of eventlog messages is time consuming
CMK-274, 2018-02-20 WATO dictionary parameter inheritance
CMK-270, 2018-02-20 Services marked as vanished even if they have been disabled previously
CMK-267, 2018-02-20 Fix typo in rules apc_symentra to apc_symmetra
CMK-265, 2018-02-20 Make services without host permission visible in BI
CMK-262, 2018-02-20 Painter contents should be aligned vertically top when one painter is higher than others
CMK-259, 2018-02-20 Fix piggyback cleanup mechanism
CMK-252, 2018-02-20 WATO git: Configuration files change without config changes
CMK-251, 2018-02-20 Rename notification spooler config variable
CMK-250, 2018-02-20 Contact group inheritance in WATO
CMK-249, 2018-02-20 cmk-update-agent: Better configuration of updater plugin to prevent problems during updates
CMK-247, 2018-02-20 WATO-Hosts: Position of Icons for Bulk operations
CMK-242, 2018-02-20 WATO CSV-Import: Header "None" in case of no header
CMK-238, 2018-02-20 Agent updater: better logging in case of a registration problem
CMK-237, 2018-02-20 Delete /var/lib/check_mk_agent after deinstalling baked agent
CMK-236, 2018-02-20 Missing useful macros in reporting
CMK-235, 2018-02-20 Notification delay can lead to OK notifications without prior CRIT notifications
CMK-232, 2018-02-20 Valgrind found some problems, fix them
CMK-231, 2018-02-20 Special handling for state change PEND -> NON-OK
CMK-227, 2018-02-20 Wenn die config-Datei fehlt, sollte der Core einen Fehler ausgeben
CMK-225, 2018-02-20 Megaraid pdisks/ldisks naming scheme makeover
CMK-221, 2018-02-20 Make cmk --snmpwalk also use Inline-SNMP
CMK-220, 2018-02-20 Error message "Ignoring command SCHEDULE_FORCED_SVC_CHECK..." when adding host
CMK-217, 2018-02-20 sending PINGs too slow: kommt auch bei doppelten IP-Adressen
CMK-210, 2018-02-20 When pnp4nagios is disabled, the cmc.log are flooted:
CMK-209, 2018-02-20 Too long view titles are overlapped by the CMK logo in PDFs
CMK-207, 2018-02-20 Too much load on reload/restart due to helper initialization
CMK-206, 2018-02-20 Checks need to be spreaded more over time
CMK-199, 2018-02-20 WATO folder filter does not work in group summary viewss
CMK-196, 2018-02-20 core can end in endless loop if helper can't be started
CMK-193, 2018-02-20 Drop the "site icons" feature
CMK-191, 2018-02-20 omd diff: Changes after setting up site without config changes
CMK-186, 2018-02-20 Host with datasource program should not be force to have an IP address
CMK-184, 2018-02-20 WATO Backup not working in distributed environments
CMK-183, 2018-02-20 omd restore deletes historic data if backup was done with -N
CMK-182, 2018-02-20 Validate deletion of host if that is used as a parent somewhere
CMK-181, 2018-02-20 Monitoring core on a slave site needs to restart when a mkp update installs new files
CMK-174, 2018-02-20 Sites crashes if connection is changed from slave to no replication
CMK-173, 2018-02-20 Folder for webapi is missing in local structure
CMK-172, 2018-02-20 WATO edit user: View not usable anymore if passwords do not match
CMK-171, 2018-02-20 Remove dangling symlinks from removed hosts during baking
CMK-170, 2018-02-20 EventFilterState() based view filters handle all boxes unticked not as expected
CMK-169, 2018-02-20 Disabled Services: disabled active checks just vanish
CMK-168, 2018-02-20 PNP4Nagios link in custom links will not work
CMK-167, 2018-02-20 If you change a ruleset that is just used by the agent bakery, no pending change should be created
CMK-166, 2018-02-20 Default setting of inline_snmp not displayed correctly
CMK-165, 2018-02-20 Bogus exception "Invalid credentials" when logging in with invalid credentials
CMK-164, 2018-02-20 Error in check plugins breaks automation for package info
CMK-163, 2018-02-20 Config option mkeventd_service_levels named bad
CMK-162, 2018-02-20 Linux agent: Directory /var/lib/check_mk_agent/cache not removed because it is not empty during apt-get purge
CMK-161, 2018-02-20 Test return code of fork() in
CMK-158, 2018-02-20 LDAP sync: synchronizes sites for each user in case a profile changed
CMK-157, 2018-02-20 WATO: deprecate wato_legacy_eval in mk_eval/mk_repr
CMK-155, 2018-02-20 Timeofday()/AbsolueDate() are inconsistent with their default values
CMK-152, 2018-02-20 Predictive icon for Interface outbound traffic missing
CMK-149, 2018-02-20 Get rid of itemless services
CMK-148, 2018-02-20 RRDTool is unable to process variable definitions containing "-"
CMK-147, 2018-02-20 Service crontab survives hard crash of server
CMK-145, 2018-02-20 Popup menu for actions on host/services looks nasty in case of an error
CMK-139, 2018-02-20 Windows Agent: When overwriting a file (esp. state files) use an intermediate file to prevent data loss
CMK-138, 2018-02-20 If var_dir is configured incorrectly, logging in notify helper (or other check_mk tools) doesn't work
CMK-137, 2018-02-20 Trying to remove rule-based downtime from host/service view gives no hint that this won't work
CMK-132, 2018-02-20 Compiled MIB files (py, pyc) must not be put under local/ but below var/
CMK-131, 2018-02-20 Dropdown in view editor for column selection is nasty
CMK-130, 2018-02-20 Speedup SNMP scan by bulk fetching of OIDs
CMK-128, 2018-02-20 mk_logwatch should limit number of lines processed by default
CMK-126, 2018-02-20 Excessive Agent output can interfere with check_mk
CMK-125, 2018-02-20 User without the permission "Use Check_MK sidebar" has a white bar on the left
CMK-124, 2018-02-20 Host and Service View with Layout "Matrix" are broken
CMK-123, 2018-02-20 Automatic login after site copy
CMK-121, 2018-02-20 Add missing X for disabling of active checks in WATO
CMK-120, 2018-02-20 Master Control should be renamed in order to make things clearer
CMK-119, 2018-02-20 Trailing backslash in Quicksearch creates nasty exception
CMK-116, 2018-02-20 Cleanup Version: output of special agents
CMK-113, 2018-02-20 H/W-SW-Check consumes a lot of active check check helpers
CMK-112, 2018-02-20 esx_vsphere_counters_ramdisk: Sizes seem not to be consistent over all systems
CMK-111, 2018-02-20 Discard changes button is not hidden after config activation
CMK-109, 2018-02-20 Interval for SNMP-Checks rule affects manual calls on command line
CMK-106, 2018-02-20 in roles & permissions, section "Multisite Views", also show the IDs of the views
CMK-104, 2018-02-20 Harmonize Export Functions
CMK-102, 2018-02-20 Don't hide "activate changes" button when activion produced an error
CMK-100, 2018-02-20 Hide check-mk-notify notifications from notification views per default
CMK-99, 2018-02-20 Make cmk --keepalive reload possible without execv
CMK-97, 2018-02-20 Core crashes with SIGABRT in case of syntax error in check file
CMK-96, 2018-02-20 Rename service descriptions of ORACLE checks, move %s to the end
CMK-95, 2018-02-20 Handle situations with too many open events better
CMK-94, 2018-02-20 Use fixed variable name for perfdata of df check
CMK-93, 2018-02-20 Cannot configure SNMPv3 directly as host attribute
CMK-88, 2018-02-20 sidebar content is missing space at bottom
CMK-85, 2018-02-20 Remove update-alternatives stuff on Debuntu packages
CMK-84, 2018-02-20 SNMPv3 garbles cmk -D and also WATO dialog
CMK-78, 2018-02-20 Dashboard toggle edit should add/remove edit=1 to/from the URL
CMK-77, 2018-02-20 Fix confusing RRD error messages when accessing Filesystem graphs
CMK-67, 2018-02-20 logwatch: files with timestamps, initial text missing
CMK-64, 2018-02-20 WATO: Host tag descriptions are cut in some screens, if they are too long
CMK-62, 2018-02-20 Make NTP check more tolerant
CMK-391, 2018-02-20 Host diagnostic page: warn/show agent types that are not configured
CMK-382, 2018-02-20 Cache selected SNMP trees containing static data
CMK-381, 2018-02-20 initial-states bei Core-Reload nicht loggen
CMK-378, 2018-02-20 Cleanup logging config of cmc and helpers
CMK-377, 2018-02-20 "omd su" upgrade
CMK-375, 2018-02-20 View commands: Add context help texts
CMK-373, 2018-02-20 Notification spooling: only for certain plugin types or users
CMK-372, 2018-02-20 View-Filter, der 1:1 Livestatus-Filter erzeugt
CMK-371, 2018-02-20 Downtime Scheduler
CMK-370, 2018-02-20 vsphere/piggyback: optionally use alias instead of hostname
CMK-368, 2018-02-20 Log commands to core history
CMK-367, 2018-02-20 Make cmk --checks=local -v Localhost work
CMK-362, 2018-02-20 Add try-out button to active check rule editor
CMK-360, 2018-02-20 Site condition for EC rules / rule packs
CMK-359, 2018-02-20 Filter für Toplevel-Hosts (Summary)
CMK-358, 2018-02-20 make vsphere monitoring work with ESX 4.0
CMK-357, 2018-02-20 Make visibility of Views in Snapin customizable
CMK-355, 2018-02-20 Umbenennen von Konfig-Parametern in
CMK-353, 2018-02-20 Schedule downtime for host *and* services
CMK-352, 2018-02-20 Oracle Sessions should be able to define limits per Database
CMK-350, 2018-02-20 Logwatch: Find solution to handle logfiles with dynamic names
CMK-347, 2018-02-20 Implement MRPE for windows agent
CMK-345, 2018-02-20 Add mechanism to cleanup a users profile
CMK-341, 2018-02-20 Timespecific parameters in manpage of a check plugin
CMK-338, 2018-02-20 Implement custom sorting of infos in view editor
CMK-336, 2018-02-20 Make PING timeouts configurable via
CMK-335, 2018-02-20 Set unknown IP addresses to a configurable one
CMK-334, 2018-02-20 Bulkedit in Wato search results
CMK-333, 2018-02-20 CPU Check: Schwellwerte nicht automatisch gegen 15 Minuten Wert prüfen
CMK-331, 2018-02-20 Availability of host group should be reachable via host groups view
CMK-330, 2018-02-20 Improve robustness of agent output parsing
CMK-327, 2018-02-20 Add user setting "low bandwidth mode"
CMK-323, 2018-02-20 mknotifyd.connection: Change behavior in case of no information of spooler
CMK-318, 2018-02-20 Künstliche Perfdaten erzeugen, wenn Checks keine liefern
CMK-314, 2018-02-20 Agent Bakery: Selection for package creation
CMK-311, 2018-02-20 Simulation Mode should be displayed in multisite
CMK-309, 2018-02-20 Omit the "Service " from column headers for service views
CMK-304, 2018-02-20 modify check_mk_agent.linux - heartbeat_crm test for clusters with pacemaker since 1.1.9
CMK-301, 2018-02-20 GUI Notification highlighting is inconspicuous
CMK-300, 2018-02-20 make search in global settings possible
CMK-296, 2018-02-20 Active check definition for check_icmp
CMK-290, 2018-02-20 Liveproxyd: Flap detection
CMK-289, 2018-02-20 Manage members of a contactgroup in the contactgroup
CMK-282, 2018-02-20 Clarify --no-tcp option: Even when it is named tcp, do we mean data sources in general?
CMK-268, 2018-02-20 Switch "mkevent" command from pipe to socket communication
CMK-266, 2018-02-20 Detect and warn about outdated checks in local/ hierachy
CMK-258, 2018-02-20 Reflect "cluster aware" information of checks in man pages
CMK-257, 2018-02-20 Make "site" infos available e.g. as group header in "Events ..." views
CMK-254, 2018-02-20 Permission for agent registration
CMK-253, 2018-02-20 Cleanup environment handling of OMD sites
CMK-243, 2018-02-20 It should be possible to submit wato confirmation prompts with enter
CMK-240, 2018-02-20 Custom notification text does not show up
CMK-234, 2018-02-20 Move simple agent plugins (Linux) into standard Agent
CMK-233, 2018-02-20 Synchronise graphs after resize
CMK-208, 2018-02-20 About page
CMK-198, 2018-02-20 add support for bakery rule "Set cache age for plugins and local checks" on linux
CMK-177, 2018-02-20 Reports should have manual page break option
CMK-175, 2018-02-20 Add sitename on the site header after username
CMK-160, 2018-02-20 Global WATO search in WATO snapin
CMK-151, 2018-02-20 BI Aggregation tree is not rendered in PDF reports
CMK-142, 2018-02-20 Replace factory_settings[] and ..._default_levels with "default_params" in check_info
CMK-135, 2018-02-20 Manpage for check_mk binary
CMK-133, 2018-02-20 Omd versions lists incomplete installed versions
CMK-122, 2018-02-20 Better support for redundant network routes
CMK-118, 2018-02-20 Add button in host details for creating a manual check for this host
CMK-108, 2018-02-20 Assign all builtin icons to categories
CMK-107, 2018-02-20 Button for deleting host directly in host details (not only in list)
CMK-86, 2018-02-20 extend oracle monitoring documentation to handle the windows plugin
CMK-57, 2018-02-20 Documentation for WATO check formalization missing
CMK-32, 2018-02-20 Windows: Counter-Monitoring - Doku/Implementierung?
CMK-31, 2018-02-20 Preserve files in OMD tmpfs during reboot or update
CMK-417, 2018-03-20 Improve service discovery usability
CMK-379, 2018-02-20 Reporting: Preview with an arbitrary context
CMK-376, 2018-02-20 Improve Agent (+Plugin) error handling
CMK-390, 2018-02-20 Variables in Man-Page
CMK-383, 2018-02-20 make snmp options available
CMK-380, 2018-02-20 Bakery: New host does not have an agent by default
CMK-374, 2018-02-20 Provide monitoring data of Livestatus threads
CMK-366, 2018-02-20 Improve handling of other core versions config files
CMK-326, 2018-02-20 Temporarily deactivate active checks in WATO
CMK-322, 2018-02-20 WATO access to service_descriptions
CMK-321, 2018-02-20 Added check parameters/levels for uptime check
CMK-319, 2018-02-20 Offer dropdown for standard command comments
CMK-315, 2018-02-20 check_livestatus
CMK-313, 2018-02-20 Assign icons to host groups
CMK-312, 2018-02-20 check_dns: Make use of the fact that multiple expected IP addresses can be set
CMK-310, 2018-02-20 New button in host properties: "Save and add all autodetected services"
CMK-307, 2018-02-20 Do averaging in the prediction algo
CMK-306, 2018-02-20 Avoid multiple notifications for a single problem on a single host
CMK-303, 2018-02-20 monitor I/O for md raidsets too
CMK-299, 2018-02-20 wato list of rules: display used rulesets in different color
CMK-294, 2018-02-20 Notification digest
CMK-293, 2018-02-20 Notification spooling: deliver locally in case of an error
CMK-292, 2018-02-20 Automatic detection of host tags
CMK-291, 2018-02-20 Allow rescheduling of several checks to spread over time
CMK-285, 2018-02-20 Patch for PNP4Nagios Template: check_mk-cmctc.temp.php
CMK-280, 2018-02-20 check_http: allow regex to span newlines
CMK-279, 2018-02-20 Handle extra IP addresses of service boards intelligently
CMK-278, 2018-02-20 During config generation show all errors, not just one
CMK-276, 2018-02-20 if: allow to configure link speed statically
CMK-273, 2018-02-20 html.begin_form method="POST"
CMK-272, 2018-02-20 mechanize for webpage login / checks
CMK-271, 2018-02-20 livestatus table statehist speedup
CMK-269, 2018-02-20 BI-Aggregation Checks as WATO rules
CMK-264, 2018-02-20 Make ssl cert check possible on custom port
CMK-263, 2018-02-20 More comfortable handling of "Performance Counters" monitoring
CMK-261, 2018-02-20 Create default rules
CMK-260, 2018-02-20 Improve shinken support
CMK-256, 2018-02-20 Name regex groups in EC
CMK-255, 2018-02-20 Fewer mouseclicks in commands and actions
CMK-248, 2018-02-20 Rule-Editor: autocompletion for explicit hosts
CMK-246, 2018-02-20 Make host class (ALL_HOSTS, PHYSICAL_HOSTS, CLUSTER_HOSTS) available in WATO conditions
CMK-245, 2018-02-20 Make painter options configurable as view defaults
CMK-244, 2018-02-20 BI doesent honours acknowledgement of services
CMK-241, 2018-02-20 BI foldertree should hint aggretion method (worst, best)
CMK-239, 2018-02-20 DRBD check should allow configurable alert level for flipped roles
CMK-230, 2018-02-20 Allow --checks options while checking
CMK-229, 2018-02-20 New role permission
CMK-228, 2018-02-20 Notes field for Activate Changes in Wato
CMK-226, 2018-02-20 Expansion of macros
CMK-224, 2018-02-20 ps and ps.perf output would be much improved if it contained the search filter
CMK-223, 2018-02-20 if Check should track separate levels for in and out traffic bytes / levels
CMK-222, 2018-02-20 Availability views can not be added to dashboards
CMK-219, 2018-02-20 Logwatch: confirm not the whole logfile, only one block/message
CMK-218, 2018-02-20 Change handling of undefined columns
CMK-216, 2018-02-20 Add permissions to controll the single host/folder actions
CMK-215, 2018-02-20 Hide Roles/Users (depending on own permissions)
CMK-214, 2018-02-20 Wieder storage type SINGLE einführen?
CMK-213, 2018-02-20 new status column for showing histcache status
CMK-212, 2018-02-20 extra_service_conf["use"] should work
CMK-211, 2018-02-20 Allow to rename services in a free an flexible way
CMK-205, 2018-02-20 Check bauen der offense Filedeskriptoren pro Prozess Check (oder in ps.perf einbauen)
CMK-204, 2018-02-20 Serarch for HostTags in Wato Host and Folder view
CMK-203, 2018-02-20 Mandatory Attribut in wato nicht ersichtlich
CMK-202, 2018-02-20 Windows agent installer: Option to include custom (config) files
CMK-201, 2018-02-20 Windows agent installer: Add plugins as optional plugins
CMK-200, 2018-02-20 parenting configuration from WATO (folders/tags)
CMK-197, 2018-02-20 Make snmp command configurable
CMK-195, 2018-02-20 Intervals and wait parameters for mrpe
CMK-194, 2018-02-20 Dashboard globes: Make these dashlets context sensitive
CMK-192, 2018-02-20 Make dashboards exportable (like views)
CMK-190, 2018-02-20 Hover-Preview von View
CMK-189, 2018-02-20 hpux_mem check implementation
CMK-188, 2018-02-20 Views sollen Gesamtzahlen anzeigen
CMK-187, 2018-02-20 Dashlet-Snapin: Only show topic when there are multiple
CMK-185, 2018-02-20 SNMP parameter konfigurierbar machen
CMK-180, 2018-02-20 Enable login without password
CMK-179, 2018-02-20 logwatch loses last line id on logrotate
CMK-178, 2018-02-20 parents ruleset should only use first entry
CMK-176, 2018-02-20 Scheduled reports should be save on network share
CMK-159, 2018-02-20 cmk --cleanup should remove obsolete files
CMK-156, 2018-02-20 multisite - make service/host alias text visible as hover text
CMK-154, 2018-02-20 local Check Namen mit Leerzeichen erlauben
CMK-150, 2018-02-20 Livestatus: relative variants for time columns
CMK-144, 2018-02-20 Clusterchecks: make host name available to check
CMK-143, 2018-02-20 Webservice for retrieving BI status
CMK-141, 2018-02-20 WATO: implement finer permissions
CMK-140, 2018-02-20 Make links targets controllable via URL parameter
CMK-136, 2018-02-20 Prevent spelling mistakes in code changes
CMK-134, 2018-02-20 Konfigurierbare Hover-Popups bei Paintern
CMK-129, 2018-02-20 sort by perfometers in multisite
CMK-127, 2018-02-20 more elegant handling of focus in multisite "command" tab
CMK-117, 2018-02-20 Create check to detect failed systemd services
CMK-115, 2018-02-20 Make mkeventd network ports configurable
CMK-114, 2018-02-20 oracle_sessions: Read parameters from the database
CMK-110, 2018-02-20 Make notifications mechanics synchronous (improve reliability)
CMK-105, 2018-02-20 check_mks active events: match on original IP-address from mkeventd
CMK-103, 2018-02-20 "Host is not managed by WATO" link to other WATO in non distributed WATO setup
CMK-101, 2018-02-20 Add search function to edit role page
CMK-98, 2018-02-20 Service search and PNP search should be linked
CMK-92, 2018-02-20 Make sections in windows agent configurable
CMK-91, 2018-02-20 Warn on Hosts without services if 'ping' tag is missing
CMK-90, 2018-02-20 Bulk update/delete assumed states
CMK-89, 2018-02-20 Convert check declaration to dictionary
CMK-87, 2018-02-20 show icon when a delayed notification is active
CMK-83, 2018-02-20 new Filter for filtering after contacts
CMK-82, 2018-02-20 ORACLE agent: mounted (readonly) databases make problems
CMK-81, 2018-02-20 legacy_checks could allow passive services
CMK-80, 2018-02-20 Consolidate rules like normal/retry check intervals into single rules
CMK-79, 2018-02-20 Make mailq check monitor different queues individually
CMK-76, 2018-02-20 smstools smsd monitoring
CMK-75, 2018-02-20 Hosttags: admin should be able to force selection
CMK-74, 2018-02-20 Action limit similar to query limit
CMK-73, 2018-02-20 Painters for contacts and contactgroups a object is in
CMK-72, 2018-02-20 define_host/servicegroups per default True
CMK-71, 2018-02-20 HREF target customizable for bookmarks and custom links
CMK-70, 2018-02-20 Sort servicedescriptions and hostname numerically
CMK-69, 2018-02-20 Reschedule could spread checks over time
CMK-68, 2018-02-20 new helper function for checks: render_levels(warn, crit, what = "upper", unit = "")
CMK-66, 2018-02-20 Custom-Sorter for Service Descriptions
CMK-65, 2018-02-20 Support host name containing spaces
CMK-63, 2018-02-20 Scale down PNP graphs to 50% as display option
CMK-61, 2018-02-20 Filter for IP addresses
CMK-60, 2018-02-20 Dashboards: Make a copy of a dashlet
CMK-59, 2018-02-20 Improve output of relative timestamps (since, ago, in)
CMK-58, 2018-02-20 Change PNPGraph and check man page in host/service detail
CMK-56, 2018-02-20 Implement display options for all visuals (-> PNP timeranges)
CMK-55, 2018-02-20 Modulare Agenten
CMK-54, 2018-02-20 Filter/Views hinter Tactical Overview konfigurierbar machen
CMK-53, 2018-02-20 Kommando Acknowledge: Ankreuzug, ob persistent oder nicht
CMK-52, 2018-02-20 Snapin für Notifikationen und Alerts
CMK-51, 2018-02-20 Inventurcheck kann Checkergebnisse anzeigen
CMK-50, 2018-02-20 Filter auf das Ergebnis von Stats-Gruppen
CMK-49, 2018-02-20 Limit, dass nach dem Sortieren angewandt wird
CMK-48, 2018-02-20 Neue Spalte custom_variables
CMK-47, 2018-02-20 Automatisch dummy IP-Adresse nehmen bei DNS-Problem
CMK-46, 2018-02-20 IPv6 Support in Check_MK
CMK-45, 2018-02-20 Neue Tabelle mit escalations
CMK-44, 2018-02-20 cmk --list-tags soll alle Tags ausgeben
CMK-43, 2018-02-20 Prefetching Agent soll Latenzzeiten verringern
CMK-42, 2018-02-20 SNMP-Checks: konstante Daten cachen
CMK-41, 2018-02-20 Alter der Daten in Agentenausgabe kodieren
CMK-40, 2018-02-20 Precompile und cmk -N parallelisieren
CMK-39, 2018-02-20 Windows Services mit Alias-Namen versehen
CMK-38, 2018-02-20 Logfileansicht: Filter zum Suchen nach Texten.
CMK-37, 2018-02-20 Perf-O-Meter für alle Checks einbauen
CMK-36, 2018-02-20 Limit: könnte Bereich erlauben
CMK-35, 2018-02-20 Filter für Hosts, die einen bestimmten Service haben
CMK-34, 2018-02-20 Hosts ohne Services sollen spezielle Schablone bekomen
CMK-33, 2018-02-20 cmk -C soll Liste von Hosts bekommen können
CMK-30, 2018-02-20 Umstellen einer Datenquelle einer View möglich machen
CMK-29, 2018-02-20 Kommando für Custom Notification
CMK-28, 2018-02-20 host_authorization Konfiguration für Multisite
CMK-27, 2018-02-20 Link vom Detail-Host zum Summary-Host
CMK-26, 2018-02-20 SNMP Version (1/v2c) automatisch erkennen
CMK-25, 2018-02-20 Postfix mailqueue check should use more flexible thresholds
CMK-281, 2018-02-20 View painters: Fix escaping of painter content
CMK-153, 2018-02-20 Unicode characters in HTTP variables crash the GUI in different places
CMK-146, 2018-02-20 Refactor views and dashboards to be implemented as page types