The Check_MK Appliance

Monitoring made simple: with the Check_MK appliance you can avoid spending time on the installation and maintenance of the IT required to operate your monitoring system.

Benefits of the Check_MK Appliance

Benefits of the Check_MK Appliance
  • Selection and maintenance of optimal hardware2
  • Initial installation of the operating system and the required drivers
  • Initial configuration of system services, such as email, NTP, DNS etc.
  • Initial configuration and monitoring of a hardware-RAID (19 inch)
  • Initial installation of required software, libraries, tools, etc.
  • Initial installation of Check_MK
  • Provision of OS-updates and security patches2
  • Provision of updates for required software, libraries and tools2
  • Provision of Check_MK updates2
  • Software bug fixes and support3

Virtual appliance

The virtual appliance Check_MK virt1 is available in formats that can be read by all common virtualization platforms. Check_MK virt1 is delivered fully pre-installed as an image with operating system and is ready to operate. It can be set-up using dialogues and can be configured using its own web UI. You do not require any Linux know-how to do this.
A highlight: Its firmware and operating system are identical to those of the hardware appliances and it is thus 100% compatible. This allows a simple management of all appliance types also in a mixed environment, for example, across multiple sites.

Virtual Appliance Check_MK virt1
CPUs 1-16
Number of Hosts4 1,500
Number of Services4 30,000
Firmware-Volume 4.0 GB
Data-Volume5 4.0 - 100.0 GB
Price6 Starting from €300 per year
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Physical Appliance

The Check_MK appliance comes as a ready-to-use device and is operational after only a few minutes. A web UI is available to configure the operating system.
The innovative storage concept of the appliance enables a quick hardware replacement. All settings, user data, and installed Check_MK versions are stored in the external storage (RAID 1 or SD card) and can thus be easily transferred from one appliance to another. This enables easy hardware maintenance without the requirement to have a Linux expert on site.

Physical appliance device types

There are several models of the physical appliance available for use in different environments.
The Check_MK rail2 is designed for industrial use. It is optimal in environments where space and power consumption matter. It is fit for mounting on TS 35 DIN rails.
The Check_MK rack1 and Check_MK rack4 use the classical 19-inch format and come with redundant power supplies. They are designed for use in datacenters.

General information Check_MK rail2 Mark I Check_MK rack1 Mark III Check_MK rack4 Mark II
Chassis DIN rail 19" rack mountable 19" rack mountable
Number of Hosts7 100 2,500 10,000
Number of Services7 2,000 50,000 400,000
CPU cores 4 6 2x 12
CPU frequency 1.91 GHz 2x 1.7GHz 2x 2.1GHz
Memory 4 GB 2x 8 GB 2x 32 GB
Storage Type Swissbit industrial SD-card RAID 1 disks RAID 1 SSDs
Disk Space 8 - 16 GB8 2x 1 TB 1x 240 GB OS
2x 480 GB Data
Network 2x Gigabit LAN 4x Gigabit LAN 4x 10 GE (Electrical Ports)
Management-Interface Ja Ja
Power Supply 24 Volt DC (power pack needed) 2x redundant, hot-pluggable, intern 2x redundant, hot-pluggable, intern
Availibility 9 weeks 1-2 weeks 2-6 weeks
Price6 1,390,- € + VAT 2,590,- € + VAT 8,900,- € + VAT
Technical details Check_MK rail2 Mark I Check_MK rack1 Mark III Check_MK rack4 Mark II
Dimensions (WxDxH) 124,5 (7TE) x 90 x 55 mm 436 mm (17.17") x 708 mm (27.87") x 43 mm (1.69") (1RU), incl. telescopic rails 437 mm (17.2") x 648 mm (25.5") x 89 mm (3.5") (2RU), incl. telescopic rails
CPU Intel Q7 E3845 1.91 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2603v4 (1,7 GHz, 6Core, 15MB, 85W) 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4116 (2.1 GHz, 12 cores, 16,5 MB, 85W)
RAM 4 GB 2x 8 GB DDR4 DIMM 2400 MHz unbuffered ECC 4x 16 GB DDR4 DIMM 2400 MHz unbuffered ECC
Disk space 4 - 16 GB industrial SD-card5 2x 1 TB, SATA/600, 64 MB Cache, 7200 U/min HDD, hot-swappable, front-loading, RAID-1 2x Intel 480GB SSD, SATA III, 2,5", hot-swappable, front-loading, RAID-1


You can choose from different maintenance levels for your Check_MK appliance

Maintenance Basic Advanced Premium
Phone Ja Ja Ja
Email Ja Ja Ja
Response time as soon as possible 2 hours (EU)
8 hours (USA)
2 hours (EU)
8 hours (USA)
Pre-Exchange Ja Ja
Shipment9 Send in for repair, checking, repair, send back Shipment on next business day, delivery on the following day Till 2 pm (EU) / 8 am (USA): next business day delivery
Price for 36 months10 rail2, rack1
included 375,- € plus VAT (D)
940,- € plus VAT (D)
450,- € plus VAT (D)
1330,- € plus VAT(D)
Price for additional 12 months upon request upon request upon request

If you need an on-site service technician, please contact us by email at, or be phone +49 89 9982 097-00


Hardware support: In case of hardware faults, please contact us via email to or by phone +49 89 9982 097-00.
Software support: In case of software faults, independent of whether they related to the firmware or the Check_MK Monitoring software, please contact us by email to your company's specific support address. We will provide support based on the conditions of your purchased support agreement


1 Hardware maintenance level dependent on service contract.
2 Update provisioning as along as a Check_MK subscription is active. Provisioned updates can be installed by the user or by us. The latter will be charged.
3 Requires support contract and active Check_MK-subscription.
4 This is only a recommendation. The appliance is not limited in the number of hosts or services which can be monitored with this device. The number of hosts depends on a powerful virtualization environment and is only valid if enough CPU, memory and disk IO bandwidth is available. In larger environments we suggest using the Check_MK rack1, rack4 or a dedicated server.
5 The data volume of the virtual appliance has been created with a dynamic size of up to 100 GB. This is usually enough for about 30,000 monitored services.
6 The usage of the Check_MK Appliances requires a subscription of the Check_MK Monitoring System for at least one year. The services that you monitor with your appliances are charged to your normal subscription. Within the subscription you have access to updates of the appliance firmware and the Check_MK Monitoring System.
7 This is only a recommendation. The precise number of monitored hosts and services is, for example, dependent on the type of device and the check frequency. The appliance is not limited per se in the number of hosts or services which it can monitor
8 Pricing includes 8GB Swissbit Industrial SD Card. 16GB can be purchased as add-on
9 Shipment times are valid for Germany and begin with the ending of the response time. The service hours are: Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm CET, with the exception of bank holidays. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with potential differences for you preferred location.
10 Service prices are valid for Germany. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with the pricing for your preferred location. Outside of Germany additional shipment cost will incur.