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Result: Low total cost of ownership, extremely high user effectiveness

The main dashboard

Dashboards provide an overview across all or a group of monitored hosts.

NagVis visualization

With the integrated NagVis visualization tool, system states can be shown in maps or logic diagrams.

List of services on a host

On every host a group of so called ‚services‘ is monitored. These each have a status and can also provide time-series metrics.

Monitoring metrics

Check_MK encompasses a sophisticated system to collect and process time-series-based metrics.

Global settings

Due to its efficient architecture, Check_MK is scaling extremely well. It can centrally monitor more than a million devices.

Availability computation

Compute the precise availabilities of hosts or services over past time horizons.

Open Source Monitoring

Open Source is the foundation of our company – we build it, we use it, we love it.
As a result, we continue to enhance our free infrastructure and application monitoring open source edition (the „raw edition“). A large community of users is available to support each other.
In addition, we offer enterprise-grade monitoring for users that require it. This includes both professional support as well as enterprise features, such as high performance, improved UI and graphing, PDF reports, SLA reporting, and graphical configuration.
Appliances and a Managed Services Edition complement our offer.

Check_MK 1.5 released

The latest Check_MK Version is available for download.
The version includes a lot of new features and amodern user interface.
We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Check_MK Conference #4

The annual Check_MK conference with more than 250 participants took place 2-4 May 2018. Over the course of 2 ½ days, participants had time to learn about best practices, the latest developments as well as to network with their peers and the Check_MK team

We are hiring

We are a strongly growing company of young tech-savvy innovators and creatives with the goal of building the best monitoring system together with out customers!
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