[1] Fees for customers within Germany do not include, and are subject to Mehrwertsteuer (German VAT). For customers outside Germany the appropriate international tax treaties are applicable.
[2] For the discount level On Demand the desired credits are not paid in advance, rather they are booked to the customer's account and invoiced later according to the actual support time used. Invoices are generally issued quarterly.
[3] For the discount levels Basic through Platinum the customer purchases a certain number of credits in advance. These credits can be redeemed immediately from the start of the contract time and are valid for twelve months. Additional credits may be purchased at the same price as required.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Quesions

#0002 - Can I receive professional support for the Check_MK Raw Edition?

No. If you desire professional support for Check_MK, then you will need to take out a subscription for the Check_MK Enterprise Edition. Within the support framework, we will of course also be happy to assist you with a migration from the Raw Edition or from another monitoring solution to the Enterprise Edition. Exchanges regarding the Raw Edition can be found in the free Check_MK mailing lists.

#0003 - How precisely are the subscription's services counted?

The number of productive monitored services is relevant for the necessary subscription level. This number can be found at top left in the Check_MK interface's Tactical Overview. If it is the case that you operate Check_MK redundantly in an HA-cluster the services will not be doubly counted. Pure test systems for trialling Check_MK versions, etc., are also not counted. If multiple Check_MK instances are in use, then the sum of the services over all of the instances in your business is the relevent number.

#0004 - Am I permitted to operate the Check_MK Enterprise Edition on multiple servers?

Yes. You are completely free as to the number of Check_MK instances used for configuring your monitoring. Only the total number of monitored services is used to determine the subscription size.

#0005 - For how long are credits valid?

Credits are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, after which time they expire. However, before the expiry date, you can submit requests for tasks to us to the value of your remaining credits. In such a case the credits will not expire, even if the actual execution of the tasks will take longer.

#0006 - Does the number of hosts being monitored influence the subscription price?

No. The price is determined solely by the total number of monitored services.

#0007 - How many services must I take into account if I have X hosts to monitor?

For a typical processing centre you can expect to have around 30-70 services per host. But naturally it makes a difference if you, eg. monitor a switch only with PING, or a data base server with 50 Oracle instances.